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These ‘Fantastic Four’ belong to an Entre(wanna)preneur

Books for entrepreneurReading tech blogs,books keeps you aware about the things happening all over the web. This article will focus on the books for entrepreneurs.

Anybody who has been on the web for serious stuff for quite a while (more than 1-2 yrs) is more probable to have learnt two very important lessons on the World Wide Web.

1) Don’t take anything for granted(such as revenues)
2) It’s very easy to rise but really tough to carry it on

They are countless more lessons that an entrepreneur(or wannapreneur) learns while striving to be the ‘Next millionaire on WWW.And probability that he actually turns a millionaire is just one-millionth but the lessons he learns become priceless for all his life.

And it’s always good for an entrepreneur to learn from other’s mistakes.What’s required is a complete knowledge/awareness of what’s happening in your industry(web).Just imagine if you saved around $20k by prohibiting yourself from a radical marketing campaign which you were about to execute but you were fortunately informed by some source that ‘ABC startup’ tried the same campaign but simply burnt its money.

So,reading tech blogs, books, magazines, white papers keep one completely aware and prepared about the things happening all over the web.So,here is a compilation of (fantastic) four relevant books/Whitepapers/ subscriptions that are essential from an internet entre(wanna)preneur’s perspective.

Grab them all if you are an entrepreneur /wannapreneur/internet enthusiast….And they are all FREE !!!



Brand PackagingBrand Packaging

This magazine will give you expert opinions on branding your product/services in the best possible way.Right packaging can make a ripped-off product better than the original.


Profit Magazine

Profit Magazine

I call this a pet magazine for the “Idea Guy”. Profit Magazine illuminates the business impact of technology and provides industry intelligence for your specific challenges.



Strategies for Combating Modern ThreatsTop Five Strategies for Combating Modern Threats: Is Anti-Virus Dead ?

Today’s fast, targeted, silent threats take advantage of the open network and new technologies that support an increasingly mobile workforce. Today’s startups need innovative approaches to protect the web, email servers and endpoint.


It's All About the Salesperson

It’s All About the Salesperson: Taking Advantage of Web 2.0

Wondering what role Web 2.0/Sales 2.0/social networking plays in the sales arena? This paper reveals what it is and how it can help the quota carrying sales rep sell more and faster.

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