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Blow to Bill Gates’ Nuclear Venture – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Blow to Bill Gates’ Nuclear Venture, Trade War to Blame?

Image Credits: Flickr KAUST Official

After the trade war started between the United States and China, it has affected all sorts of industries in both countries. This time its Bill Gates who’s nuclear venture is facing the heat after Trump administrations clam down on China trade policies. Terra Power LLC is the latest nuclear tech firm which is developing a new way of harnessing nuclear power from nuclear waste. However, after the trade policy change the partner company in China with which Terra Power was going to conduct trials has pulled out of the deal at the last moment citing the US trade restrictions.



Amazon Workers Push for Union, Will It Help?

Whole Food retail store

After the apathy of Amazon towards its employees, the workers have aggressively started to push for unionized efforts to bring in reforms. Amazon is known for its great services but it comes at a cost of hardworking labors who are paid less than the average salary. Recent instances of Amazon employees taking a stance in some parts of the United States has provided an opportunity to other employees in various other places to push for reforms.



End of Ride-Sharing Gigs in China, What Should Didi Do?

Image Credits: Didi Facebook

The sharing industry in China accounts for $764 billion and a major part of it comes from ride-sharing services provided by various companies, Didi being the prominent one. Many drivers benefitted from these gigs and it’s estimated that Didi’s 90% ride sharing was done by part-time drivers in China. After some riders were killed in these ride-sharing cabs the government is cracking down on a number of drivers in the major metropolitan cities. After the new law comes into force, drivers would need to obtain a double license and convert their cars into a commercial vehicle from a private one. Experts believe that if ride-sharing companies don’t bring out a plan to overcome the latest rules, the ride-sharing industry has a grim future.



Donate to Charity Through Google Assistant

Image Credits: Flickr dorombach

Good news for those who do charity. You can now make donations through your Google assistant. You can simply use these phrases while making the donations such as “Hey Google, donate to charity” or “Ok Google, make a donation.” You can simply assign the amount and confirm your donation with a “yes” voice command and you’re set.



Silicon Valley May Lose Out in the Battle of AI

Image Credits: Flickr Online CFForex

The latest upcoming curbs on technology transfer if made into law in the United States will stall the development of AI in the country. The trade between the U.S. and China has a new target. This time the Silicon Valley experts feel that the curbs on technology transfer will have a direct effect on AI growth in the country.


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