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Jan 31, 2011: Latest Deadline for RIM to Allow Complete Data Access to Indian Authorities

In this article we will tell you about blackberry india controversy. RIM blackberry ban in India.

Relating to the conflict of access rights over encrypted Blackberry data services provided by RIM to its Indian customers, Research In Motion(RIM) has now been given yet another deadline(Jan 31) for resolving the issue and allow complete access to all kinds of data services that Blackberry users(both individual and enterprise) are being facilitated.

This is for the second time that RIM has been relieved from having their services banned and this time around, the timespan is long enough(90 days) as well. The main reason why Blackberry is still under security officials scanner is that RIM has not yet given satisfactory solution to security agencies for decrypting corporate emails that originate through Blackberry devices.

Just what it did in case of Saudi Arabia, RIM tried to get itself through Indian authorities by allowing partial access to its Instant messaging(IM) data services but security agencies are still stuck over Blackberry’s enterprise emails, which remains an unsolved puzzle for them.

Now, RIM is stuck in an uncomfortable position here. At one side, humongous Indian market is too promising to ignore for RIM and on the other side, RIM will hurt its huge enterprise customerbase if its decides to open up its encrypted emailing system, for the sake of complying with Indian authorities.

I strongly feel that RIM is lobbying around really hard on this matter and they have managed 90 more days to bury this matter, this way or that way. Blackberry devices are bought in truckloads, largely by its enterprise customers and if RIM decides to give it up on encrypted emailing, this could shock not just Indian blackberry users but enterprise users across the globe. RIM will have to find a way out of this without loosing its edge on being the best and most secure mobile emailing service.

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