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Bizedia Review

Here is the Bizedia review. Bizedia is a B2B portal. Apart from the usual business listing feature, it offers its users to post classifieds and conduct e-commerce transactions also

What’s that !


If you have been in Business or Alibaba then B2B portals shouldn’t be new to your dictionary but when it comes to a B2B portal which is India-centric, one needs to think twice to remember any well-known portal having strong roots in Indian market.

The potential players(On the basis of the density of business indexing) in an Indian B2B portal sector are TradeIndia, IndianYellowPages and few others.

Even Alibaba(being a multi-nation facilitator) has a denser database of Indian businesses than majority of India specific portals.

Joining the same online battlefield is the new contender called Bizedia, which promises to be a pioneer in an Indian B2B portal sector in the long run. Apart from the usual business listing feature, it offers its users to post classifieds, promote their businesses and conduct e-commerce transactions through this portal. Bizedia is a venture of Vinove, a web development company.


What it offers…

  • A place to list your business for better visibility and promotion
  • To promote one’s business, related products and services
  • A medium for B2B transactions/e-commerce

Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Troubleshooter – Till date, the Indian B2B portals appear dead. ‘Dead’ symbolizes the lack of focus upon inter-business relationship and poor use of technology in spite of being a heavily indexed site. Bizedia appears to have taken a serious step to remove this problem by developing their system in the link – building manner.
  • Better Technology – None out of the current lot of competitors seem to have worked on the technology part the way Bizedia has done it (and why not! It’s a venture by a web development company). The strategic use of Javascript and Ajax makes the site usage much easier than its counterparts.
  • Web 2.0 Interface – They can proudly call themselves probably the only Indian B2B portal which have tried out their best to turn it a Web 2.0 B2B portal for Indians. They have a scope of improvement but they really look promising.

Why it may prove to be a Web Struggler !

  • Too late – There are some websites which enchant new users by the extravagant technology they offer but there are others where technology plays a supporting role and the lead role is grabbed by the rich database of customers which takes time to build. Bizedia belongs to the latter category and therefore may not gain traction due to other richer and established competitors like TradeIndia. Also they could have started off with a self-researched database of local businesses in metros to offer a minimum fodder to eat.
  • Payment System – The business model they have carved out to encase their system can wait. It isn’t required at this moment. In today’s competitive world of web, even proven services are forced to look out for alternative revenue streams other than the direct earning system. As Bizedia is at its starting point, it should focus more on proving their services first, and then making their services worth a fee. Their payment system is currently its biggest drawback.
  • Competition – This field is nothing new. It has many players already and it takes a potential time to build up the base of such a service to a competitive level.
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