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Why Selling off ‘Bing’ Could Halt Innovation In Search Business.

Bing search business will surrender itself and Google will remain the one and only choice for consumer?

Since the article on NYTimes about bing becoming more of a liability for Microsoft, many folks have been raising concerns over the same issue and also on what if that really happens.

So what if Microsoft really sells off Bing to some other entity ? That’s a question that comes with endless implications but the one that comes out as most prominent implication will be that Google’s last known competitor in Search business will surrender itself and Google will remain the one and only choice for consumers as a search destination.

Practically, there are rarely any business verticals where monopoly is so brutal that only two competitors are known in that vertical and out of those two, one aggressively dominates the other. If Google becomes the sole option for everyone of us then we reckon, that will give more reasons to Google to not stop bothering much about innovating its search technology.

It’s just that when you’ve no one to compete with, you have lesser reasons to make persistent efforts to make yourself better and better. Same case will also apple to Google if Bing surrenders to Google and gives up the fight of Search business.

One thing that works in Bing’s advantage is that it is backed by Microsoft, a cash-rich tech giant, that can afford to bear huge losses and still continue investing in Bing for next couple of years atleast. There’s hardly any other tech company in the world that can acquire and feed a ‘white elephant’ such as Bing and compete with Google in search business.

Yahoo! has already given up the search wars and that shows how taxing it is to carry on with R&D and Infrastructure expenses, that go down in running a search business and it is probably just Microsoft that can be a viable competitor to Google in search.

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