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Does a free VPN for Android exist?

In this article, you would get to know some of the best VPNs for Android users and best of all, it costs nothing. Take a look.

Google Play has a lot of VPN applications. And it’s not surprising with the current situation on the web. For example, in Brazil, WhatsApp was blocked, and this fact not only increased the popularity of its competitors but also increased interest in various VPN services.

So, we decided to look for the best VPN for Android which you can certainly trust.

Free VPN. The beginning.
On Google Play, all the applications that we will look at are labeled as free, but it should not be misleading. In practice, either a “free” VPN is given for a period, or its functionality is somehow limited (for example, the ability to connect only to specific ports). However, often users who need only bypass the blocking of the site, this is quite enough.

Let’s look at the review criteria. We compare the following characteristics:

  • Ease of use (how many actions you need to take to connect to the VPN);
  • Supported encryption algorithms;
  • Principle of operation;
  • Speed ​​and stability of the connection;
  • Methods of payment;
  • The point of exit traffic.

This service provides a VPN with exit points in France, Canada, USA, Germany, Japan, and England (the latter two only for a fee). It’s very easy to use it: you install the application, press the big round button and that’s all! You do not even register. The trial period is 20 days, then the access will last only for an hour with the possibility of reconnection. We don’t know who provides this VPN because there is no website for the application. Also, there are no agreements with the user.

SuperVPN: Specs
It is possible to select a country, but no more advanced settings are offered. For ordinary users, of course, this is not very necessary – it is important for them that the VPN simply works without any problems. Nevertheless, it is possible to provide at least the possibility of choosing a port.

Addresses of the exit points are not on the blacklist, the exception is the address in Germany listed in one of the spam lists. The connection speed is surprisingly decent, though, perhaps, it’s a matter of a trial period and after its termination, the speed will drop to a minimum. The cost of the VPN is $ 5. You can choose the payment method: Google Wallet or PayPal.

In general, a VPN is suitable for bypassing simple locks. To register anywhere, it should not be used, because it is not known who owns VPN servers. The abundance of advertising in the free version is annoying, but you will only see ads when you connect to the server. With a strong desire, you can extend the trial period to infinity, it’s enough to poke over the disassembled bytecode so that instead of the system identifies the application takes them from somewhere from the file. However, if there are alternatives, this makes almost no sense. Nowadays there are VPN for Multiple Devices available in the market. You can use it on your smartphone, computer, and tablet at the same time.

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