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Best Manufacturers Of Linear Actuators

Despite the obvious simplicity and practicality of construction, not each and every linear actuators manufacturer can boast the sufficient quality of overall composition. The devices that have never been used in the field or that have been only used once during testing may get out of order pretty fast. How to properly select the most reasonable provider of these electronic tools? Let’s find out.


Linear actuator construction: what to pay attention to when choosing a product?

Linear actuator – is a universal electronic device that provides automated linear movements for the working load. Actuators are managed by remote control (both wired and wireless). As opposed to similar solutions (like belt drive or ball-and-screw unit), actuators don’t require any additional elements to work, like linear bearings, rails, and carriage). Three consistent elements – drive, guide, and AC motor – assembled comprise a readymade device for immediate exploitation. The motors are powered by either DC or AC current.


When you are choosing a fitting linear actuator, it’s crucial to carefully inspect all related materials and options of fixating all three components. What are the rails and the telescopic tube comprising a guide made out of? By what type of current (AC or DC) is actuator powered? How reliable is the specifically defined way to put all elements together?


Unfortunately, it becomes quite difficult to check all the criteria if you are purchasing a drive at an online store and only have a product picture available. That’s why it’s better not to take risks and checking the assortment of well-tried-and-tested manufacturers. We hope our top of the following five best linear actuator providers in our opinion will help you avoid regretting your initial drive purchase.

Top-5 linear actuator manufacturers: our picks

We have been composing this list according to real customer reviews, the width of provided assortment, and the composition quality of the most popular presented models.


  • Progressive Automations. Progressive Automations can boast over 10 years of experience in manufacturing linear actuators and other devices based on them (in particular, TV lifts). The company constantly perfects the range of products and releases completely new models each year. The assortment includes categories for commercial and industrial purposes, high-precision options (usually employed in the medical equipment), and devices for amateur experiments. Every product can be adjusted to individual customer requirements. All company production is packaged with 12- or 18-month warranty. The price ranges $100-200.
  • Tolomatic. Tolomatic is the most mature brand in our top that has been operating for over 60 years. Apart from variations of linear actuators, the company provides abridgers, brakes, and pneumatic motors. Unfortunately, Tolomatic doesn’t disclose its pricing policies and you will have to contact the store to find out the price of your selected product.
  • Harmonic Drive. This manufacturer provides a wide range of electronic products, including rotary drives, transmission parts, engines, servo drives, etc. As for actuators, Harmonic drives feature enhanced precision and quite a high performance. There are several low-power modules for beginners also available. Harmonic Drive prices must also be requested manually.
  • IAI. The Intelligent Actuator, Inc. company has been existing for more than 40 years. It produces simple electric devices alongside the complex solutions controlled by microcontrollers and the specialized software. You’ll discover a colossal assortment of equipment and parts for the creation of automated solutions. Find out the prices by contacting customer support through the official website or official suppliers.  
  • Venture Mfg. Co. This company is practically an absolute leader in the aspect of customer reviews. Due to high precision, drives from this manufacturer (which are certified by the ISO 9001:  2008 standard, by the way) can be employed for the positioning of solar batteries. Most models of Venture Mfg. Co are implied for the industrial use. Contact customer service on the official website of the company to clarify prices.


We believe there are many decent linear actuator manufacturers on the American market. In our top, we have only covered the most renowned ones – those tested by time and praised by numerous positive user reviews. We can get you a top-notch linear actuator! We’ll choose the most fitting model for your particular case and provide the most reasonable price.


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