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‘Carbonite’ Keeps Your Critical Data Safe Without “Bothering” You

locked_laptopIn this article we will tell you about best data backup practice. Carbonite provides an automation of your data’s backup on a regular basis.

It can be a terrible situation for any individual who keeps gathering critical data into his harddisk of his laptop or PC without any prior backup and suddenly realises that the his harddisk  has crashed and the chances of data retrieval are very bleak.

If you’re one of such folks who are still ignorent about such a situation then you better take some precautionary measures soonest possible. I have seen many people taking regular backups manually and its definitely a better thing to do rather than staying idle but NOT at all enough.

This is because you can’t guarantee that you are always going to remember, taking timely backups of your data repository. From an individual perspective, most guys prefer taking weekly or monthly backup of their laptop or PC in use. This way, there’s a significant scope of loosing out of the most recently accumulated critical data.

Convenient and reliable solution to this problem can be ‘Carbonite’. Carbonite is a hassle-free and non-interrupting solution to ‘backup issues’, which provides an automation of your data’s backup on a regular basis. It installs a small application on your computer, that keeps running without bothering you to open, close or restart the application.

It doesn’t even slow down your computer as it sleeps(stays idle) when you’re doing some work. While your computer stays idle, it silently gets active and initiates the backup procedure. It automatically compares the current state with the previous backup taken and takes the backup of the new additions to your computer harddisk.

As mentioned in the company profile of Carbonite, they have taken a total backup of over 25 billion files so far and around 10%(2 billion) files have been restored by them, in case of any such need by their respective customers.

Within the same ‘Carbonite’ profile, you will also find the list of companies that have corporate association(Ipswitch inc, Acer, Lenovo among others) with Carbonate, which gives another reason for the end user to trust them.

Go, give it a try !

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