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Barcode Technology and Its Growing Impact On Business Operations

Barcode system is almost a universal phenomena when it comes to retail industry operations or any other business.

If we ponder about the backbone technologies responsible for smooth operation of any product business today, Barcode technology is most probable to come up on top. Although less popular among consumers, Barcode system is almost a universal phenomena when it comes to retail industry operations or any other business where inventory management, employee record maintenance, asset tracking, etc are automated using barcode technology.

In retail stores, every single product sellout is automated with barcode system, which instantly retrieves detailed information about the scanned product using Barcode scanners and helps Zero error billing of sold products. Barcode based billing helps maintaining accurate record history of sold items and fastens up the check out process at billing counter.

And In today’s age of smartphones, there are now specific phone applications for consumers, which help interpreting Barcode of any product with a click of a phone’s camera and provide the user with pricing, quantity, nutritional composition, product expiry and other metadata associated with the product. Such applications are currently available for iPhone and Android phone users and will soon replicate to other mobile platforms as well.

Apart from Retail industry, other businesses are also adopting to automate their internal operations with barcode based software solutions, which was otherwise, a mess to deal with. Solutions for managing office inventory, employee attendance, etc are provided by barcode technology service providers like Wasp, which offers software solutions such as Inventory Control software, Time and Attendance Software among various other barcode oriented solutions.

With the evolution of Barcode technology from just 1 dimensional barcodes to two dimensional QR codes and even further, it’s exciting to visualize the future adoption of Barcode technology among end consumers. Quite recently, the biggest social network on web, Facebook was reported to be working on integrating 2 dimensional barcode technology (or QR Code) technology within user’s profiles so that every individual from 450+ million facebook users will have a unique QR code, which will enable other users to easily interpret the QR Code through camera phone’s view and extract information about the individual from his/her Facebook’s profile.

Summing it up, Barcode system is already a deep rooted technology in all sorts of business operations and it appears that its further evolution will take this technology to more unexplored avenues.

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