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Ashneer Grover Continues to fuel Meme Explosion on Twitter

Twitter is continuing to have a fest on Ashneer Grover’s misfortune with latest twists adding fresh fire to his ‘phone call sage.’ Even as we continue to write this story,  Grover continues to be one of the hottest trending topics on Twitter. And we couldn’t help but bring some of the best ‘Ashneer Grover memes’ shared by the trolls.

But before we share the best memes, we’d like to give some latest and interesting twists to in this saga. The latest twist has the potential to open can of worms and may very well pave way for a ugly spat between Grover and BharatPe’s investors.

Grover, who is currently on a voluntary leave, has given an explosive interview to one of the leading news portals. In this interview, Grover has accused BharatPe’s investors of arm-twisting him to go for a volunteer leave. He also specifically targeted BharatPe’s CEO Samir Suhail for forcing him to opt for volunteer leave until 1st April.

In the same interview, Grover has denied his involvement in all the controversial things that have emerged post his phone call saga. Be it the financial fraud charges in BharatPe and toxic work-culture in the company. He even denied that it was his voice in the controversial phone call made to Kotak Bank’s executive.

Grover has now demanded that he should be brought back in the company or give him walk-off from the company with Rs 4,000 crore compensation package. Grover has already hired multiple law firms to supposedly to protect his 9% stake in the company.

BharatPe counts high profile VC names like Sequoia, Tiger Global and Ribbit Capital among its high-profile investors. All investors of BharatPe have chosen to remain tight-lipped over this fiasco.

Until Grover’s phone call fiasco, BharatPe was best known for QR code aggregator app and the surprise bank license it managed to fetch from the RBI. But since last month, the unicorn fintech company has been hogging the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

On the ending note, we’re bringing some of the best Ashneer Grover Twitter memes..

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