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Are Video Ads Effective For Businesses? How You Can Leverage Modern Video Ads

Do you come across interesting, engaging video advertisements while browsing through social media or other platforms? More than often, you end up indulging in the product, do you not? Well, you are not alone in this. Millions of people across the globe tend to comply with this unwritten rule. Here’s how you can use the wonders of video ads to boost your business.

What about video ads are so effective?

Life in the 21st century is incredibly fast. Old values and advertisement techniques are on their path of extinction. The crippling competition among the mighty corporate houses tends to suffocate the small-scale business and especially the start-ups fighting for the spot. The advent of 2020 has significantly skyrocketed online traffic. Hence, it is only logical to take your campaigns online too!

Studies from reliable sources have shown a 35% rise in purchase rate in the case of a video advertisement. This colossal success roots back to the consumer engagement that this format (read: future of digital marketing) provides. Its simultaneous participation of the auditory and visual perceptions helps the consumer retain the nuances of the product description better.  This inevitably hikes the product sales.

Video ads are shareable. This distinguishing feature ensures a wider audience reach within a short span of time.  A higher click-through rate increases the reach manifolds. The idea or the story is relayed to the audience within a short span of time. Video is a better way of narrating a story. Chances of misinterpretation considerably lower with this.

Video ads are very effective tools of teaching. The popularity of animations plays a decent role in ensuring this fact.  This form of entertainment reaches a greater mass owing to no literacy barriers, and other forms of advertising might pose. Engaging video content is the key, and the quality of this greatly reflects on the product image.

Mobile phones coupled with affordable internet have added a new dimension to this form of advertising. Consumers show an inclination to watch short 30 seconds thumbnails of the videos on several streaming sites. Simultaneously, videos spanning over less than the said time limit cater to the attention span of the individual and keeps them interested in the product.

What are the types of video ads?

In-stream video is the most prevalent type of digital advertising. These are inserted into the videos or are placed before them. These induce a desire to click on the offer or the links provided. A new-age upgrade to this technology is the dai solutions. Streaming sites are usually dependent on this very successful method.

Non-linear video ads give the viewers a fair option to either watch the ad or not engage in it. These do not disrupt the playback. This epitomizes the idea of unobtrusiveness in online advertising.

Rewarded ads are primarily involved in games that require the consumer to view the advertisement to achieve game-related immunities. Nevertheless, these ads require to pertain to the type of online game and are sensitive to the audience.

A native auto-play ad has the advantage of relevance and hence, might increase product sales. It is strategically placed with pertinent materials. It generally relates to the search words of the user. These are designed to maximize video engagement and have a positive effect on the distribution of the advertisement.

Shoppable video ads are the new show stopper in the business. They can directly lead to the app or the site of the displaced product. These find a massive application among big houses. This newest form is gaining momentum faster than imagined, with its high level of engagement and a higher degree of temptation.


It would be foolish to undervalue and undermine the huge advantage that is levied by this future of digital marketing. Small businesses have a fair chance to level with the giants via the medium. It is the finest and the most refined way to reach your audience without any hassle. A timely check on the analytics can help you understand the best mode of airing your advertisement on the digital platform. The concept of minimal expenditure video ads is widespread and will help you widen your consumer spectrum to a great deal and at an affordable rate. It is time for you to hop in the wagon and let this edgy way of marketing help you raise the margins and gain a greater reach.

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