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Arcade CRM : Affordable and Reliable Gmail-Centered CRM Solution

Arcade CRM is a start-up which was founded by Dutch Entrepreneur Maurice Koks in March 2014 and is based in Panama City – Panama and Pompano Beach – Florida, USA. Arcade CRM is a cloud based Gmail Centered CRM (Customer-relationship Management) solution for small & mid-sized businesses. It is the only customized and affordable CRM solution which offers seamless integration with Gmail along with a rich set of features such as contact management, sales management, document management, real-time activity alerts, VoIP calling etc.

Arcade CRM

By offering an innovative cloud-based CRM solution, it helps small and medium businesses to reduce their operational expenses, optimize their workflow and automate certain repetitive sales tasks. Through smooth integration with Gmail, the teams in your organization can collaborate with each other and manage their tasks effectively. Once you install the Arcade CRM Chrome Extension, you can easily manage all your contact information, set up meetings, manage your documents, track your sales figures and set up email reminders. The powerful features offered by Arcade CRM,

  1. User-friendly Dashboard that presents a snapshot of all your business activities.
  2. Native mobile Apps for both Android and iOS platforms with instant push notifications. These Apps are also functional offline and Auto-sync all your data once you connect to Internet.
  3. Seamless integration with various Google products such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Maps.
  4. Powerful contact module which allows you to search and manage your contacts and classify them into different categories using custom filters.
  5. Calendar module which helps you to manage all important meetings, events, seminars. You can reschedule the meetings and reassign tasks using this module. It is integrated seamlessly with iCall and Gmail.
  6. Manage all your important documents in a centralized location using the Document management module.
  7. Task Management module which allows you to assign and reschedule tasks to your team members.
  8. Sales Pipeline module which allows you to manage different sales pipelines. You can also get detailed sales reports and forecasts using the sales report module.
  9. VoIP call module which allows you make VoIP calls through call scripts, call list and mobile transfer numbers.


Arcade CRM offers an affordable solution for small business with an annual subscription plan for just $12 per month for each user. It provides complete customer management with full support for Native Mobile Apps, Gmail integration and all the sales management features required to grow your business.

Arcade CRM also facilities hassle-free integration with third-party tools such as MailChimp, Dropbox, Zapier, Aweber, PieSync, Constant Contact, Slack, Freshbook and several others. Arcade CRM uses 256-bit SSL encryption for connections which offers the highest level of security and safeguards your confidential business data. Arcade CRM is the most affordable and reliable Gmail-centered CRM solution for small and medium businesses.



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