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Apple’s Muslim Employees want Tim Cook to Support Palestine Cause – Top Tech News

Here are the top Trending news from the world of technology….


Apple’s Muslim Employees want Tim Cook to Support Palestine Cause

Members of the Apple Muslim Association, an official employee group – have written a letter to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. According to reports, members of this employee group have categorically demanded that Cook should issue statement of solidarity with Palestine people. The group has further requested Apple’s CEO to condemn Israel’s alleged coercive action in Gaza. Historically, Apple has always chose to remain silent on Israel-Palestine issue. Experts claim that this letter is unlikely to compel the tech giant to change its historical stance of remaining neutral on this sensitive issue.


After India & Japan, Amazon is Shutting Down its Prime Now Delivery app in U.S

Amazon on Thursday said that it will shut down its Prime Now Delivery app in the U.S. market. The app will now integrate with Amazon’s main app and website. The e-commerce giant has already taken a similar action in India, Singapore and Japan. Rolled out in 2014, Prime Now app was designed to deliver essential products to Amazon products in matter of few hours.


Google to foray in retailing space, to open its first ever physical retail store

Taking cue for Apple, Google has decided to foray into retailing space and launch its first ever physical retail store. This new store will come up in Chelsea neighborhood in New York and will give New Yorkers the opportunity to buy all apple products – from Pixel Phones to Nest Products.


Snap Unveils its first Augmented Reality Glasses

Snap, best known for its multi-media messaging app, has unveiled its first augmented reality glasses. However, these glasses won’t be rolled out in the market as the company’s ‘AR’ product are currently meant only for experimentation mode. That said, Snap and other tech giants like Facebook anticipate that AR will become a lucrative market in the future and these experiments will pave way for launch of AR products in distant future.

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