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Apple to Move Some Production Out of China – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Apple to Move Some Production Out of China, Is It the Trade War Effect?

Image Credits: Flickr Mathieu Thouvenin

According to a report by Nikkei, Apple is planning to move some of its production out of China. It’s considering moving the production to countries such as Mexico, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Apple has plans to move anywhere from 15% to 30% production out of China to insulate itself from the trade war. Link.



Microsoft, Dell, Intel, and HP Join Forces to Protest Trumps Tariffs, Finally

Image Credits: Flickr Guillermo
Microsoft, Dell, Intel, and HP have joined forces to oppose Trump’s tariffs on laptops and tablets that are manufactured and imported from China. These tariffs, according to the industry will hamper its growth and are coming in when its time for major sales in the United States. Link.


US Mulling Caps on H-1B Visas, How Will It Impact?

Image Credits: Flickr David P

The US has told India that it might impose H-1B visa caps for the countries that require foreign countries to store data locally. According to the reports, the latest development will lead to further trade tariff rifts between the nations. Link.



India Bullies Twitter, Unexpected Users Targeted

Image Credits: Flickr Esther Vargas

The Indian government has mistakenly targeted some Twitter users who have nothing to do with India. Twitter was forced to act on some students sitting thousands of miles away under the instructions of the Indian government. Link.


Will You Purchase the World’s Best Gamers Book on His Secret Strategies?

Image Credits: Business Insider

Ninja, who is known as the world’s best gamer is reportedly going to launch a book series on his gaming secrets. At the height of his gaming days, he had made upwards of $500,000. Now he will share his secrets with his fans in a three book series. It will include a graphic version as well. Link.


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