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Apple faces Customer’s Wrath After Admitting to intentionally Slowing Down iPhone Devices

Apple faces multiple lawsuits.

Tech giant Apple is being getting sued by several annoyed customers in the U.S, after admitting last week that it deliberately slowed down batteries of many iPhone models through a software update. According to several reports in the U.S. media, five iPhone users have filed class lawsuits in the New York City. This is in addition to the several lawsuits filed last week across many federal courts across U.S. Separately, a similar lawsuit has also been filed in Israel, according to report in Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

These angry iPhone users claimed that Apple has been more than unethical in following this controversial business practice as it eventually forced them to replace their old iPhones with new ones. They have specifically stated in the lawsuit that had they known that iPhone batteries were being forcefully slowed down by Apple, they would have merely replaced the battery and not spent fortunes on buying new iPhones.

Last week, Apple opened can of worms when it publicly admitted that it had intentionally slowed down iPhone 6 and several models coming underneath it through an IOS update. However, the company defended its action as it claimed that this feature was inserted to “smooth[en] out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down.”  In other words, Apple claimed that this was done to give a better user experience and not to force their customers in buying new Iphone models.

However, most petitioners have still argued that Apple should have been more transparent and forthcoming about how it intends to cope with aging batteries. They also argue that the tech giant would have never admitted about this slow down feature had independent Reddit users and bloggers not tested the devices.

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