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Apple Openly Trolls Google – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Apple Openly Trolls Google, Will Privacy Become A Differentiator For Tech Giants?

In the age of data mining and privacy debates, it seems Apple has realised an opportunity that it can seize. The tech giant is now publically calling out to another tech giant, Google in this case, for its privacy standards. Apple has placed a billboard in Toronto HQ with this statement “We’re in the business of staying out of yours.” The target is the planning of a smart city by Google which according to the reports, will have a major impact on the privacy of its residents. This isn’t the first time that Apple is trolling others on the topic of privacy. Link.



After SpaceX, Now Amazon Seeking Permission to Send 3,236 Internet Satellites

Amazon is seeking permission from FCC to launch 3,236 internet satellites into space under Project Kuiper. The plan is to connect tens of millions of people through wireless internet. However, Amazon’s internet satellites won’t cover Alaska. These satellites will deorbit earth within ten years of its launch. SpaceX has already launched its first batch of satellites and Amazon seems to be at a disadvantage here. Link.



Scientists Store Data Inside Molecules, Is This the Ultimate Data Storage Solution?

Image Credits: Flickr William Mark

Forget about storing data in your DNA. The scientists at Brown University have successfully stored data inside molecules of amino acid and sugars. These molecules are responsible for your metabolism. Scientists stored data for an image of an anchor, an ibex, and an Egyptian cat. They also were able to retrieve the data with 99% accuracy. Link.



Plane Lands In Full Autonomous Mode, For The First Time

Image Credits: YouTube TUMuenchen

Researchers at the University of Munich have been able to land a plane on a fully automatic mode without any input from the airport. The researchers developed a special camera along with infrared capabilities to land the plane under extreme weather conditions. Researchers used a modified Diamond DA42 aircraft for this project. Link.



Chrome Is Getting Multimedia Keys In Latest Update

If you’re a user of Chrome and use a lot of multimedia files, while browsing, then there’s good news for you. Now, Chrome is going to add a play and pause button to its tabs. Once you click on it you’ll be able to access all the audio or video files on that particular tab. Plus it will work on multiple tabs as well. These latest features are called Global Media Controls. The update is slowly releasing with Chrome Canary. Not everyone has access to it yet. However, initial reports show that the latest release has multiple bugs. Link.


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