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Apple finally kills iPod-Something which was long overdue

iPod was the revolution that set music free. iPod allowed its users to store thousands of tracks and gave them immense control. After selling more than 400 million units. iPod is officially dead. Apple has silently pulled the plug on iPod Nano and Shuffle from its virtual stores today. However, iPod Touch will still go on for sale. In fact, it is now available with 32 gigs of memory storage. But then again it is not iPod, it is a mini iPhone. iPod symbolised the standalone product specifically meant for music listening and nothing else. Therefore the era of Apple’s music players is over.

It has been 17 years since iPod launched. Apple sold a high number of its iPods over the years. It was a success since 2001. High school goer’s loved the fact that they do not need to care about how many songs they can carry. It brought freedom to them and a lot of songs to bust their stress. However, with time the number of units sold came down. To quote the current CEO of Apple. There was no market for iPod anymore. Hence it is history now.

iPod killed the album business. Since a user could store thousands of tracks. There was no need to purchase hundreds of albums. Now it was all play and shuffle. This, in turn, moved the industry in a direction which adapted itself to subscription based model. As one thing leads to another. What iPod helped to established, in the end, was the reason for its own demise. A dynasty which was running on pay to listen to music came to end because of iPod revolution.

Furthermore, as the technology has evolved, iPod has lost relevance. Now with devices like the Alexa, a user voice command is enough to control several functions. Why would anyone need to use iPod clickwheel? Moreover, the smartphones are here to provide with every imaginable entertainment that is feasible through its medium. iPod was a relic of the past.

Most of all, if there are still lost souls wanting to preserve a piece of the iconic piece of technology from Apple. Although iPod is officially dead. You can still sweep your hands on the last remaining units before they are gone.

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