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Apple iTunes Coming Soon to Samsung Smart TVs- Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Apple iTunes Coming to Samsung Smart TVs Soon, Why Such a Move?

Samsung's The Wall TV
Image Credits: Flickr Samsung Newsroom

Apple in an unprecedented move has announced its iTunes and AirPlay 2’s entry into Samsung Smart TVs. With the latest firmware update in the Samsung Smart TVs, users will soon have access to Apple’s entertainment services. The iTunes will stream across 100 countries and AirPlay 2 will cut across more than 190 countries through Samsung Smart TVs. Earlier, Apple had announced its tie-up for its Apple music playback through Amazon’s Echo speakers. Surprisingly, Apple and Samsung had been at loggerheads for patent and design infringement charges. But, with the latest development, it seems that both have understood the changing dynamics of the entertainment industry and the mobile in particular. According to the latest news, Apple in a press release has confirmed that it will soon allow iTunes and AirPlay 2 on other smart TVs as well.



Tech Show Slowdown, US Government Shutdown Responsible?

Image Credits: Flickr Book Catalog

World’s largest tech show CES 2019, underway in Las Vegas is facing the effect of the US government’s shutdown. The promoters of the show have revealed that several US officials who were scheduled for speaking at the event have canceled their visit. The officials from government agencies such as Ajit Pai of Federal Communications Commission Chairman and nine different agencies have canceled their visit, including the Federal Trade Commission.



NSA to Release a Tool for Reverse Engineering Malware

Image Credits: Flickr Daniel Frei

NSA is known to be very secretive in its functions. For the first time, the security agency has declared that it will release a tool that will help to reverse engineer any malware. The tool will be free to use and will work with operating software such as iOS, Microsoft, Andriod, and macOS. The fantastic thing to note is that reverse engineering of malware isn’t new but it was expensive and with NSA’s free tool, any person with the know-how will be able to tear down a malware. The NSA’s free and open project will make its tool not just popular but also more robust. A win-win for all.



Smart Home Devices aren’t Hack Proof, Blackberry Has a Plan

Image Credits: Flickr Eric Broder Van Dyke

Blackberry is known for its smartphones, soon it will be known for its technology behind smart home devices. Experts had warned us all of the danger of using smart home devices that are weak on security. From hacking into children’s toys to overtaking webcams in-home devices, hackers have proved our fear for real. But not anymore, as the mobile maker, Blackberry has released three home devices that will make internet connected home devices secure and safe from hacking. Smart home device makers will get the license from Blackberry to use this technology in their devices and pay a fee to the mobile maker.



Most Convincing Phishing Scam Ever on iPhones, Beware!

Image Credits: Flickr MIT EECS

A recent phishing scam is taking iPhone users by surprise. It’s so convincing that if you’re not careful, you might just fall into its trap. The phishing scam calls the iPhone users and pretends to be coming from Apple’s support center. The scary part of this scam is that when the call is received it shows the Apple logo, its official number, and Apple’s real address too. The only red flag is the request to call on another number which is made to the iPhone users. The phishing scams against the iPhone users aren’t new, but this latest development is taking things a notch above the rest.


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