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Apple CEO Doesn’t believe in College Degree – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Apple CEO Doesn’t believe in College Degree for Success, Cites Skill-Mismatch in College Education

Image Credits: Flickr Amaurie Ramirez, Apple campus building 1

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that half of the US employed population doesn’t have a proper four-year college degree. Also that there’s a huge gap between what students are taught in college and the skills needed to succeed in business. Tim Cook said that it’s the same case with the coding skill as well. The Apple CEO told this to the press during the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting. The same event where Trump called Tim Cook as Time Apple. The CEO also emphasised that before graduation, every student must have some education in coding. Apple is one of the leading tech giants that doesn’t require a college diploma for some of its jobs. The others are IBM, Google, Hilton, and Bank of America. Steve Jobs too was a college drop out.



Venezuela’s Internet Blackout, Patients Die in Hospitals

Image Credits: Flickr ACN

Internet was forced to collapse in Venezuela by its own government. Sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitter were down. Almost 80% of the internet was down. The recent political tension in the country is one of the reasons for the internet crackdown. This is the second time that the country is undergoing internet closure. But, there’s an unlikely victim to this measure and that are the patients in the hospitals. According to an NGO, there have been at least 15 deaths of dialysis patients directly because of internet blackout.



Skype Web Not for all, Why It’s Chromium Based Only?

Image Credits: Flickr Spinstah

Skype web which was recently launched is available only on Chromium-based web browsers. If you’re using Firefox, Safari, or Opera, you’re left out of Skype for the web. The web application supports Google Chrome browser and any other that runs on Chromium. According to Microsoft spokesperson, Skype’s web application requires ‘calling and real-time media’ and this varies across the web browsers. So, Microsoft decided to go with Edge browser and Chrome, keeping in mind the customer value.



Commercial Use of Raspberry Pi Computers, What a $35 Business Computer can Do?

Image Credits: Flickr Troy Simpson

Sony has started to use the Rasberry Pi systems for its day to day use and according to its general manager, it has increased the efficiency by 30%. The $35 computer was for student use and some experimental projects, but lately, the businesses have turned to these systems for increased efficiency and lower cost to do various functions.



Facebook Sued Ukranian App Maker, Supposedly It Used Malware to Steal User Data

Image Credits: Flickr Stock Catalog

Facebook has sued Ukranian quiz app maker that allegedly stole user data through malware. According to the report, the quiz app used the Facebook’s user login to access only limited data but later directed its users to download a browser extension that ultimately gave access to hackers into Facebook’s users’ data. Recently, Facebook is in pursuit against several companies that have misused its platform in an attempt to show that its serious about the safety of its user’s privacy.


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