Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer – Most Reliable and Scalable Video Encoding and Streaming Service is a start-up founded by Cedric in April 2018 which is basically a web service that allows users to stream videos on their website or applications. It is a really scalable and affordable solution for video streaming and works like magic. It requires very less technical knowledge to use this platform and even beginners can host or stream videos using their APIs.

Your videos are encoded in such a way that it will be streamed very fast and facilitates instant playback from any application or website. You can easily watch your favourite videos and the encoding done by their powerful API will enhance the user experience and quality of the videos. Also, the videos are encoded to be cross-platform compatible so that you can stream them on any Android or iOS devices, MacBook, Windows platforms etc.

It is the only start-up which offers a powerful video API (Application Programming interface) which makes your video content accessible for everyone. They also have their own Content Delivery Network (CDN) and have deployed powerful servers in multiple locations across Europe which allows users to seamlessly stream their content without any delay or latency. Also, they give extreme importance to your security and privacy. Hence, all your videos are secured using 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption to prevent eavesdropping or tampering by middlemen. The web service uses oAuth authentication protocol and is highly secure when compared to similar services available in the market. is the most scalable and reliable webservice which offers video API based on REST standard. They have a robust cloud infrastructure which permits users to host and broadcast their videos on their Content Delivery Network spread across Europe. Their APIs are very efficient in encoding 4K High resolution videos to enhance the viewing experience of audience and supports immediate playback across various platforms and devices.


They are the most affordable video encoding and hosting service and they charge just $0.03 for encoding 1 minute of video and $0.02 for hosting 1 minute of video. To stream videos, you will have to pay $0.004 per minute of video. If you have a very huge volume of video, then you can get significant discounts and offers. There is no restriction on the minimum volume of video to be streamed or hosted and you have pay only for the exact number of video minutes you have streamed or hosted.

The hosting of your videos will include the original source and all assets including the JPEG thumbnails and 5 HLS variants will be transcoded from the source. They also provide high quality HTTP Live streaming services with multi-bitrate ABR encoding which is delivered securely through their CDN servers. They also provide good technical support through email and live chat. With high quality video streaming and hosting at affordable prices, is one of the most reliable online streaming services.


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