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‘Answerly’ wants you to simply ‘Ask'(NOT Answer)

answerlyIn this article we will tell you about answerly answering service. Answerly is a free service where real people research your questions and deliver answers.

You might have heard of ‘Q&A portals’ such as Yahoo! Answers,Wikianswers or Mahalo Answers which basically offer users a ‘Community powered platform’ to ask questions (‘from stupid to logical’) and get the community feedback over it.

Such websites also award higher credits to those individuals who answer more and more questions,keeping high quality of proposed solutions.

So here’s another website that’s meant to do the same old task of providing you answers to any of your queries but in much simpler way.Meet Answerly,a Q&A portal that’s ‘only’ meant to answer your queries and NOT let you answer anymore.

Answerly follows a human powered system in providing users with the most logical solutions to the queries that they make.All the queries asked by the users are entertained within hours by Answerly operators who propose the closest solution to the query made.

In their own words

Answerly is a free service where real people research your questions and deliver answers to your email inbox, typically in minutes.

As the service is human powered,information seekers that are frustrated with information overload of algorithmic search engines or low quality responses from large answer forums are most likely to get hooked up to this service.


In future,Answerly looks forward to add additional ways to ask and receive answers as well as introduce premium services for users.

The only problem with ‘Answerly’ is the ‘driven model’ that is being followed.It’s a similar sort of model that Chacha,a ‘ Q&A on the Move’ service employs.In other words,such human powered services have to expend a lot on providing the manual intervention,which works fine at initial stage(only if the pockets are deep enough) but turns unscalable at a stage when amount of inbound queries becomes massively high.

If ‘Answerly’ has healthy preparations for that ‘Scalability’ problem then they can grow themselves quite bigger(as Quality of solutions proposed by a ‘Drive system’ will certainly be better than community powered portals,which is a huge advantage itself).

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