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Ankita Shroff: This Pune entrepreneur showed how to make your Dreams come true

Dreams don’t come true unless you work towards them. This simple and sublime philosophy is the guiding force of Ankita Shroff, who doesn’t mind to be referred as a no nonsense person. After all, it was this no-nonsense approach that helped her in overcoming stiff challenges when she was busy traversing the journey of her young company SAV Chemicals Private Limited.

Her four year old company, by the way, is still young and so is her entrepreneurial spirit. Ankita may hail from a very affluent family, but affluence matters little in today’s cutthroat competition. What matters is your grit and determination, more so for a young woman who is pitted against a male-dominated corporate world.

Shared below are some interesting anecdotes from Ankita’s life. What made her jump into chemical manufacturing business and how does she plan to subdue the future challenges?

A brilliant academical career    


Ankita was one of those students who was destined for academical brilliance. Right from her school days, she exhibited her brilliance through impressive exam scores & grades. Her academical success reached zenith when she secured 15th position in the Maharashtra state board in higher secondary examination. Her academical success continued further while pursing graduation in computer engineering from the prestigious Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT).

Her brilliant academical graph helped in imparting several worthy traits like confidence, focus and analytical skills. Each of these skills proved more than handy during her entrepreneurial journey.

London experience that changed her life forever

As is the case with most studious people, Ankita also lived an introvert life throughout her childhood & teenage years. Her introversion had cocooned her into a shell that eventually depilated her social skills like networking and public speaking. However, Ankita got golden opportunity to improve her social skills when she enrolled for MSc in management at London’s Imperial College.

The London experience managed to pull her out of the shell and propelled her into an alien world.

London transformed me from an introvert to an extrovert to an inquisitive person. Networking with people, developing relations helps us in some way or the other. Human Resource Management is the strength of any business,” says Ankita.

While pursuing MSc, she also spent great deal of time in Germany for internship purpose. The Germany experience equally proved to be a huge boon in changing her personality. The internship project taught her on how to prioritize manufacturing site and shed different dimension on how international companies and joint venture works.

After completing MSc, Ankita temporarily took over the mantle of her father’s real estate business. Although she mostly played a second fiddle in the business matters, the experience offered her huge entrepreneurial exposure.

The Taiwanese Connection

While pursuing MSc at Imperial College, Ankita met a Twainese Friend who eventually became her business partner. As matter of Ankita-Shroff-1fact, it was her Twainese Friend who mooted the idea of starting chemical manufacturing business.

The idea led to an intense discussion as both carried out deep study of future market prospects, pricing, investment and product portfolio. They also visited Taiwan in order to take their idea forward. After carrying out this exhaustive exercise, Ankita and her Twainese friend were finally convinced that their idea to start chemical manufacturing business was indeed worth trying.

So SAV Chemicals was finally incorporated on April 9, 2014 and with this Ankita embarked on an exciting entrepreneurial journey.

Fulfilling experience of running SAV Chemicals

The several monumental challenges in entrepreneurial journey is what makes it really fulfilling. Ankita got first-hand experience about this while being at the helm of SAV Chemicals and guiding it through many adverse situations.

Like any other startup, Ankita and her young team had to put great amount of hard work during those initial months. While hard work is a constant endeavor, today SAV Chemicals strong position has meant that Ankita can slow down a bit and think about the next big move.

Ankita takes lot of pride in the fact that all the hard work was spearheaded by a very young team, with the average age of her team being 26. SAV Chemicals leadership team, by the way, continues to remain young even today.

Another heartening thing about SAV is that it is a pro-woman company. This is proven by the fact that its production team has only women workers.

Today Ankita has great future plans for SAV Chemicals, with plans to expand her chemical business in hardware and stationary space in the coming years.

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