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Harry’s Gritty Journey from slums to being a Successful Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

This is the story of Harry. Curiously enough, Harry loves to call himself only by his first name. But that aside, the more pertinent feature about his life is his inspiring journey from being a small dweller to being a successful digital marketing entrepreneur. Today this young lad, who once did pity jobs to fill up his stomach, is earning almost two lakhs every month.

Today Harry is one of the millions of Digital Marketing entrepreneurs who has successfully cashed on the Internet revolution. However, the story of this young lad from Delhi stands out for sheer inspiration that it serves for all the budding entrepreneurs. And keeping this very thing in mind we’ve tried to briefly trace Harry’s journey from being a slum dweller to being a successful entrepreneur.

Today Harry is a successful digital marketing entrepreneur and is earning 2 lakh per month

Harry’s tryst with poverty  

Son of a blacksmith (luhar), Harry was raised in a Delhi’s Vaishali slums. With his father’s meager income, Harry and his family could barely meet their ends. The result of this improvised life expectedly took toll on his education. Despite being brilliant in studies, he could not complete his school education. The little school education that he managed to complete was only owing to his scholarship fees.

With poverty completely shattering his pursuit for education, Harry now had to search for other means to improve his life. But as the years went by life proved to be more testing and arduous for him. Probably his biggest testing phase came when both his mother and elder brother died in a very short span of time. Both succumbed to their diseases as the family was unable to pay for medical treatments. Harry was only 13 years old back then.

The loss of his loved ones made this small boy realized how cruel it is to live in this world without enough money. Hence barely few months after his elder brother and mother’s demise, Harry started working in a cycle repair shop. The job, however, failed to offer any respite to him.

His new boss turned out to be a short-term person who violently assaulted his workers on the flimsiest ground. Harry became victim of his violent outbursts on a number of occasions. Fed up of being constantly victimized, he simply refused to go for the job. His refusal made his father so angry that he kicked him out of his homeless.

Homeless and starving for two days   

Harry once lived in slums and worked as child labor

At the age of 15, Harry was forced to come in terms with the fact that life has suddenly made him a complete orphan. Neither he had any roof over his head nor could he turn to anyone for any solace. Harry still gets chill in his spine remembering about how he hopelessly slept in a garden with an empty stomach for two days. Back then he thought that his life had hit the dead end. But for how long he could have afforded to curse his destiny. He soon started searching for a job and with the help his friend he found a job in a small factory.

The fight for survival

Since most jobs were paying him pity compensations, Harry had to keep hunting for better prospects. This certainly meant that he had to frequently change his jobs. But on one fine day he got a job in a computer institute as an office boy. This job helped him in forging a lifelong relationship with computers.

Although initially his job only included cleaning computers, he was later assigned the role of a computer instructor. This favorable twist in his destiny came only because of his passion to learn about computers while performing his duties as an office boy.

Owing to his limited education, Harry was clearly overwhelmed by this new job.

Failed Suicide attempt

Harry may have thought that his new job as a computer instructor would give him the head start to a new life. But as is well known that life is simply too unpredictable to predict anything. But little did Harry knew that his life would prove to be so unpredictable that it would almost push him to death.

Harry’s close encounter with death happened after his failed suicide attempt. He was forced to take this extreme step due to collapse of his network marketing scheme business, leaving him in deep pile of debt.

Harry had sourced the capital for the business from his job of customer service associate in a retail company. He had joined this job after leaving his previous job at the computer institute.

Rises again to start afresh and finally achieves success

Wise people have always said that rise and rise again until you succeed. That’s exactly what Harry did after enduring an adversarial life for way too long. However, this time he did not chose to rise to fall again, but to build a foundation for a new life.

He started his redemption journey by starting a small computer institute. His past experience as a computer instructor certainly proved to be handy for his new business. The business was going on stable for few years. But Harry’s new business got a big push when he decided to venture into the digital marketing space.

With internet usage picking up rapidly, the digital marketing business in India was all set to take off. Harry sensed a business opportunity and decided to jump into the bandwagon. He did not leave any stone unturned and worked immensely hard to achieve success.

He was not only offering digital marketing services, but also tutorial classes. He also did not shy away from taking tips from mentors and experts for sharpening his digital marketing skills. As the years passed by his digital marketing business achieved phenomenal success. So much so that this man, who once did pity jobs to fill up his stomach, was now earning Rs 2 lakh per month.

As mentioned above, Harry’s remarkable turnaround from a slum dweller to successful digital marketing professional can only be termed as inspirational. He argues that with internet’s penetration growing at a rapid pace, India’s digital marketing industry offers lot of opportunity for the budding entrepreneurs.

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