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Android Theme for Linux Ubuntu

Ubuntu is known to be the most popular distribution of Linux with more than 12 million desktop users all over the globe. Not only that, it is also a free of charge operating system for many PC users that is based on Debian linux distribution. There have been versions released after its official release in 2004. Since then, Ubuntu has tried to make its interface as user friendly as possible. The only problem with this free operating system is that the in-built backgrounds are not that great and there are not too many options available either to enhance the background.

Android Theme for Linux Ubuntu
Android Theme for Linux Ubuntu

As a temporary solution to the problem, you can download many themes that are available at Gnome art background. Themes are also regularly updated at Ubuntu with high resolution wall papers. The themes will work without too many changes to the operating system and can be safely installed without causing any harm to the system. However, now it is possible to have an android theme for your Linux Ubuntu to give it a Google powered look and feel.

Recently, as the demand for android grew, the latest Gnome shell was made public to change the appearance of Ubuntu OS to that of Android 4.0 ICS (ice cream shell). See how you can change your Ubuntu based system to look like Google based:

  1. Start with downloading and extracting the Roboto font and also the ICS. After extracting the roboto font install it along with the user theme based extension of Gnome shell
  2. Once the download and extraction is complete, log out from the system and log in again for the changes to take effect. You would also require the tweak tool for Gnome in order to make the ice cream shell work. If you don’t already have the tweak tool, you can get it from Ubuntu software centre.
  3. Turn on the theme extension for users from shell extension post the launch of Gnome tweak tool. Once the user themes have been enabled, move on to the themes section and choose the ICS. You can now download the wallpaper for android and get the desired look.

Once the changes have taken effect on your computer, you can also choose the settings internally to have the wallpapers change after short intervals of time. You can choose several wallpapers by right clicking the desktop and selecting appearance preferences à change desktop background. Just add more wall papers to the current theme for real time changing of the wall papers.

The user interface of the android based theme is very easy to use and instantly changes the look and feel of your Linux Ubuntu operating system. Many other operating systems have been transformed into the android theme. However, it was only recently that Ubuntu opened up to android. The internal themes and wall papers in Linux are not that attractive which made way for the android, windows etc based look and feel. To make it better looking, you can also download android based wall papers and change the internal settings to make your Ubuntu look dynamic.

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