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Android Market vs App Store : The fight is ON !

The ‘Android Market’ is ready to take on ‘App Store’ but Google is looking a bit conserved in approach at this front.

The approach in case of Android’s app market inaugural remained quite different to App Store’s launch.Android Market,at the time of launch showcased just 62 applications compared to 552 iPhone apps at the launch of App store but one thing that remained a critical concern for Google during this launch was the delivery of ‘high utility apps'(that’s why the count wasn’t high).

But iPhone is probable to be the ultimate winner in this area as the developers have built such a huge inventory of iPhone apps in very short span which may not be replicated with equal enthusiasm by developers community in case of Android.

After spending sometime with ‘Android Market’ inventory(as of now),one can easily realise that Google is paying special attention to utility focussed applications such as ShopSavvy,the most popular app in medialets so far(an application that allows user to take a photo of a barcode to compare a product’s price with other stores) rather than stacking up crappy and time-killing apps into their collection.

Gaming apps,which are plenty as well as most popular apps on iPhone are taking a backseat in case of Android.

And this trend may divide the ‘smartphone customers’ in two categories : the ones who’re fond of gaming and engaging apps(approaches younger age group) and those who prioritize utility over fun(relatively older,above 18).

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