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Android Co-Founder Accused of Running Sex Ring – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Android Co-Founder Accused of Running Sex Ring, Also for Cheating Wife

Image Credits: Flickr 360 El Salvador

Android co-founder Andy Rubin who was paid a $90 million severance pay has been accused of running a sex ring and also cheating wife of millions. According to reports, Andy forced his wife into a prenuptial agreement just days before childbirth and marriage, which debarred his wife from getting a rightful part in his wealth. The reports also point towards his alleged ring of mistresses that he would loan to other men. This indicates a sex ring racket. There were at least five such women working under him. Link.



Lawmakers Officially Ask Facebook to Hold Launch of Cryptocurrency

Image Credits: Flickr Alpari Org

House lawmakers have now officially requested Facebook to halt the launch of its ambitious digital currency for all. This project, according to some reports has the potential to disrupt the banking sector as we know it. The lawmakers want to make sure that Facebook’s Libra currency is safe to use and won’t cause disastrous results. Facebook’s reputation has taken a serious beating after the 2016 US presidential elections. And this is causing discomfort among many who believe that Libra if fallen into bad hands, could destroy the financial stability of several countries. Link.



Amazon Sites Blocked By French Protestors Over Jobs, Climate

Image Credits: Flickr filou

Yellow vest protestors and environmental activists have joined forces against Amazon sites in France. The protestors are accusing the company of hurting the planet and destroying jobs. On Tuesday, some of the protesters ran inside Amazon office in northern Paris. Protesters also sat in front of Amazon’s office gates. The organisers of these protests are opposing the opening of three new warehouses in France. Also, the main contention is the killing of jobs for automation by Amazon while also destroying the climate. Meanwhile, Amazon has said that it will create over 1,800 permanent jobs in France in 2019. Link.



BMW, Audi and Other Major Car Makers are Joining Forces With Intel to Create 12 Safety Principles For Self-Driving Cars

Image Credits: Flickr smoothgroover22

Unchecked AI can pose an unforeseen risk for all. Self-driving tech is no different. Therefore, some of the major car companies have joined forces with chipmaker Intel to create 12 principles that will guide the future of self-driving cars. Intel has already released the first version of this document that contains 12 principles. The joint effort is to make them universal. Link.



Tencent and Paytm Might Invest $100 M in India’s Streaming Website MX Player

Tencent and Paytm plans to invest $100 million in India’s video streaming platform MX Player owned by Times Internet. The startup was originally from Singapore. According to reports, the funding amount might change. Both Tencent and Paytm executives have declined to comment. Link.


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