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Ambi Climate 2 : A smart temperature monitoring and Air Conditioning solution

Just like Chromecast, introduced by Google which turns any of your old Television units with a USB port into a Smart TV, Ambi Climate 2 will convert your existing Air Conditioner unit into a smarter variant of itself.

After the successful launch of Ambi Climate in 2015, Ambi Labs is back with Ambi Climate 2, the successor of its first model assists you to keep the temperature of your house at an optimum level. It controls the climate inside your house with its Artificial intelligence. It magnifies the comfort level of your house to a great extent. Along with the tranquillity, the consumption of electricity is reduced to a great extent. Constant adjustments and continuous temperature changes can help you save up to 30% of the total energy bill.

Ambi Climate 2 monitors more than just the temperature of your home. Along with temperature, it maintains an overall ideal climate by recording sunlight, humidity and various other factors.

Machine learning and A.I based technologies have been used to bring this far-fetched idea into reality. Initially, you will need to assist Ambi Climate by giving feedbacks regarding the temperature conditions you prefer. Gradually, as you teach the device regarding optimal temperatures in various climatic conditions, you will be able to get an attuned comfort in your home. Conventional remote may result in occasional overheating or overcooling issues which can be surpassed using Ambi Climate 2.

Ambi Climate 2 allows you to set a threshold for temperature and humidity.  So whenever you want to alter the climate around you, you just tell the device whether you want to keep the temperature or humidity above or below the desired levels. Ambi Climate 2 will only switch on the AC only when it needs to maintain the desired threshold temperature.

Ambi Climate 2 give you a remote access to your Air Conditioner with Geo-Location feature. Its smart algorithm switches on AC when the first person enters the home and turns it off automatically when everyone leaves the house.

Ambi Climate 2 has integrations with IFTTT and Alexa to give you a complete smart and automated home experience. Along with managing various functions of your Air Conditioner, Ambi Climate 2 also provides you with insights and usage statistics to help you track the consumption.

Ambi Climate 2 connects with any Android(4.1 or later) or iOS(9 or later) device and almost all remote controlled ACs (50 brands)

You can pre-order an Ambi Climate from Kickstarter for 90$ and can expect it to get delivered by June.


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