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Amazon’s Last Mile Delivery Robot – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Amazon’s Last Mile Delivery Robot, Meet Scout!

Image Credits: Amazon

The last mile delivery has turned into a battle of sorts from Dominos to grocery delivery startups, everyone is interested in this part of the business. The latest entrant is none other than the e-commerce giant Amazon, which has launched its own last mile delivery robot called Scout. With its help, Amazon is hoping to cut the cost of delivery to its customers as the last mile delivery is the most expensive for any e-commerce company. The robot will help to innovate the delivery mechanism of Amazon and cut cost at the same time. Some have raised questions on this latest robot gimmick from Amazon as they point to the drone delivery in making for years and not yet fully launched. Will the robot mimic the same outcome? Only time will tell.



Bing Blocked in China, but Why?

Image Credits: Pixabay

Microsoft’s Bing has been blocked in China despite the search engine providers every effort to follow the censorship rules of the communist country. The officials from Microsoft have confirmed the news and working towards the next steps in the process. The Chinese authorities, as usual, have not revealed any details for this action.


Huawei Unveils World’s Fastest 5G Modem

Image Credits: Pixabay

Huawei has launched the worlds most powerful 5G modem, according to its officials. The Balong 5000 will have the latest and the fastest 5G technology and will affect the way work in done online wound the world. It’s the first such modem in the world that can support both Non-standalone and standalone 5G network architects.



Want to Know Who Started a Tweet? Twitter Testing It Right Now

Image Credits: Techcrunch

Twitter is testing a new tag feature that will distinguish who the actual tweeter of a tweet is. Presently, the feature is in beta stage and some users can see a pop-up in their tweeter feed that shows them the original tweeter. All these changes are little but add up to the drastic changes that Twitter has envisioned for itself. From the addition of a dark theme to a more responsible social network place, Twitter is constantly moving in that direction.



Boeing Tests Its First Pilotless Vehicle

Image Credits: Boeing

Boeing’s latest images of its pilotless vehicle look like an amalgamation of a helicopter and a plane. The plane or copter has electric motors and can fly on its own to up to 50 miles. The autonomous flying copter is capable of verticle takeoff and landing. Uber too is testing a flying taxi and its believed that flying is a better option than autonomous cars as there are far fewer obstacles in the path. Next step in the process for Boeing is testing cargo of up to 500 pounds and it will begin testing this year itself.


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