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Amazon Shareholders Hold the Fate of Rekognition – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Amazon Shareholders Hold the Fate of Rekognition, The Controversial Facial Recognition Tech

Image Credits: Flickr ActuaLitté

Rekognition,  facial recognition tech from Amazon has come under a lot of scrutiny from various AI researchers. From being racial to gender biased, there’s too much that’s pointing fingers at this tech from Amazon. Back in January, the Amazon shareholders had proposed a complete ban on this tech for its sale to government agencies. Now, a date has been set for the fate of Rekognition. The shareholders of Amazon will decide whether or not this technology will survive. Link.



Facebook Investors Don’t Want Zuckerberg as the Chairman?

Image Credits: Flickr Alessio Jacona

It’s not just the outsiders but the insiders too who want to see Mark Zuckerberg go. According to the latest report, it seems that some investors are banding together to remove Zuckerberg from his Facebook Chairman post. The investors don’t even mince their words to criticize the CEO. Here is the SEC filing where you can see the statement. The shareholders want an independent chair in place of the current system where Zuckerberg holds 60% voting rights.



The Russians are Coming for the Global Positioning System!

According to the latest report, Russians are messing up with the GPS system to affect the movement of ships across the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. There are two major global positioning systems, one is from the US and the other is from Russia. Both of these systems are highly in use among the European countries, especially the UK. If Russia continues to hamper the operation of its Global Positioning System, it could directly impact the economy of other countries in the region.


The First Successful Flight of the Biggest Plane Ever

Image Credits: stratolaunch

The biggest plane in the world has finally debuted with a successful and spectacular flight on Saturday morning. The plane is the biggest ever with maxed out wingspan. With 385-foot wings, it weighs an astounding 500,000 pounds. Stratolaunch is the company behind this aeroplane. The test flight took place at Mojave airport in California, US. Link.



North Korea and Its Love for Cryptocurrencies

Image Credits: Flickr Tom Frohnhofer

To evade sanctions, North Korea has increasingly started using the cryptocurrencies. North Korea has an ambitious nuclear plan and its building it by financing it through bitcoins. Experts believe that the cryptocurrencies are posing as a challenge to stop a rogue state from achieving its nefarious plans. The digital currencies have provided a window to bypass sanctions. Another example is the Petro digital coin from Venezuela that was launched to overcome the US sanctions. As reported by the Skynews.


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