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Amazon Sellers Exposed! – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Amazon Sellers Exposed!, Hacking Accounts For Five-Star Rating

Image Credits: Flickr cabriolet2008

According to the latest reports, Amazon sellers are using hacked accounts to give themselves five-star ratings. Investigators in the US are now requesting the regulators to intervene. The investigation revealed that for example, a single hacked account was used for posting over 2,500 five-star reviews. Amazon has told the users to delete the fake reviews by themselves. This is the first phase of investigation and sites such as Facebook and eBay are also under the scanner. The sellers who use these methods have perfected their art of fakery on Amazon. They are using the features meant to help users of Amazon to their own purposes of faking product ratings and reviews. Link.



Fake Samsung App Installed by Ten Million, Hope You’re Not One of Them

According to a malware analyst, around ten million Samsung phone users have downloaded an app pretending to be an update for Samsung mobile firmware. Instead, the app sends you to an unrelated website with ads that asks for a fee for a firmware update. Whether or not those downloads will update your firmware is a different matter altogether but the sheer number of users who have already downloaded it is worrisome. The malware analyst who found about it has requested Google to remove this app from the App Store. Link.



Scientists Are Getting Themselves Trapped in Arctic Ice!

Image Credits: Flickr Sylvain BARTHOLOME

Researchers from 17 countries are getting themselves trapped around Arctic ice to study climate change. Dozens of scientists from different countries such as the United States, China, Russia, and others will rotate on a two-month cycle during the long winters of Arctic. The scientists are considering it once in a lifetime opportunity. Link.



Is Apple Going to Ditch Its Butterfly Keyboard Design?

According to reports Apple might be abandoning its butterfly keyboard design soon. It was introduced alongside the touch bar function. Users of these keyboards complained about hurting fingers after long durations of typing. Another issue was dust that completely made it unusable, however, Apple had applied rubber around these type of keys to keep them insulated from dust entering inside. Still, many weren’t impressed and the much hated Butterfly keys might soon become history. Link.



Flawed Facial Recognition Tech Is Making Criminal’s Out of Innocent People

Image Credits: Flickr SmartMobileGear

According to a study from the University of Essex, the flawed facial recognition tech is marking innocent people as wanted criminals four out of five times. In a recent article by Engadget states that facial recognition used by the UK police has over 81% error rate. Despite all the flaws, facial recognition tech has skyrocketed in recent times. Link.


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