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Amazon Pay Starts P2P Payments in India – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Amazon Pay Starts P2P Payments in India, Mounting Challenge for Paytm?

Image Credits: Flickr Алексей М

Amazon customers in India can now make peer to peer payments. The e-commerce giant will make it easy for its customers to pay utility bills, pay to friends and family and settle other payments. The app will work on the back of UPI. Will this new development have an effect on Paytm and other similar service providers?. Link.



Google Pixel for Midrange Market?

Due to low sales of its $1000+ smartphone, Google will soon launch a midrange Pixel for customers. The announcement was made by Ruth Porat who’s the CFO with Google’s parent company Alphabet. Link.



Samsung’s Revenue Dip Despite Strong Sales of Galaxy S10

Samsung’s phones are doing better, but its chip and display department isn’t showing strong sales figures. The low smartphone sales across the world haven’t affected Samsung much. It had fairly good success with the launch of S10. Link.



Twitter Unveils New Video Strategy

Image Credits: Flickr marshal anthonee

Twitter has made over a dozen deals with original media companies including Disney and Wall Street Journal to provide branded video content to its users.



NASA Warns of Massive Asteroid Strike in Our Lifetime

Image Credits: Flickr dougerythuggery
Jim Bridenstine, the NASA administrator has warned that it’s important to prepare Earth for a massive asteroid impact. According to NASA research, the meteorite that hit Russia in 2013 had sent 1500 people to the hospital and destroyed windows of thousands of buildings. A similar event can happen in every 60 years. Hence, the topic needs more attention from both the public and the government.
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