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Amazon Employees have now got their first ever Trade Union in the U.S. – Top Trending News

Here are today’s top trending news from the world of technology.  


Amazon Employees have now got their first ever trade union in the U.S.

Employees in Amazon Warehouse in Staten Island, New York City, have voted to form workers body association. In the election, nearly 57% workers employed in Staten Island’s Amazon warehouses voted to form a trade union. This is an important development for Amazon workers in the U.S. as this will be the first ever trade union for Amazon employees in the country. This move can lay a precedent for America’s other Amazon warehouses and other commercial bodies working under Amazon to form their own trade union. With Amazon facing repeated criticisms over poor treatment of workers and shabby working conditions, the issue whether Amazon employees should have their trade union has been dominating the American media in recent years.


Meta hit by AI exodus – Top AI Executives and Scientists quit in recent months

As if Meta is not facing enough problems and controversies, now the development has revealed another problem for the Mark Zuckerberg led company. According to media reports, Meta’s AI unit has been witnessing mass exodus of employees, with some sources claiming that nearly half-dozen AI scientists and employees have resigned. This problem has been witnessed more sporadically in Meta’s AI lab in London where several key AI researchers have reportedly resigned in the matter of six weeks. What is causing this exodus is still not known and Meta continues remain tight-lipped over this issue. Meta losing top AI officials in mass numbers doesn’t quite bode well for its Metaverse prospect (Read more)


Twitter plays a April Fool prank by tweeting about long awaited ‘edit feature’

Image Credits: Flickr Esther Vargas

Twitter still doesn’t allow to edit our own tweets once they are published and we all know what great pain and inconvenience it causes. Therefore, everyone was pleasantly surprised when Twitter tweeted on its official account that it is working on the ‘edit’ feature. Many netizens responded positively to this news and said that they will welcome this much awaited feature. But netizens were smart enough to realize that Twitter was being naughty here. The Fact that Twitter tweeted about the ‘edit feature’ on 1st April meant that this was an April Fool joke. In other words, Twitter is not working on the edit – at least not for now (Read more)


Alexa can now notify you about upcoming deals on Amazon

Image Credits: Flickr Adam Bowie

Do you often feel frustrated on missing good deals on Amazon? If the answer is ‘yes’ then Alexa can help you on this front. Amazon has rolled out a new update for Alexa. With this new update, Alexa can alert you about the availability of exclusive Amazon deals up to 24 hours in advance provided you’ve saved the items in your cart or the items has been saved in your wish list. However, this new feature is only available to Amazon Prime customers and this feature is currently only available in the U.S. (Read more)


Donald Trump’s Truth Social app Download and Traffic Plummets

Donald Trump’s social media app Truth Social, which bills itself as an alternative to Twitter & other popular social media platforms, has witnessed a massive fall in its download numbers. According to Bloomberg, the download numbers of Truth Social app plummeted by as much as 95% in recent weeks. If we were to quantify this in sheer numbers then report claims that the download numbers have plummeted from a high of 170,000 to mere 8,000. Since its launch Donald Trump’s app has plugged by several bugs and scores of American users still finding it join the platform. However, it must be noted that these download number reflects only the IOS numbers since the Truth Social app is currently not available on the Android app (Read more)

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