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AmazeTal – An Online Talent Marketplace

Are you an experienced Software Engineer or Data Scientist looking for your dream job and not sure where to look for the right opportunities? With a vision to become a global talent marketplace for all job seekers and employers in every sector, AmazeTal offers you the right platform for your job hunt…  


Mission of AmazeTal
AmazeTal is a data-driven technology platform designed to improve the recruiting process and make it easier, faster and more reliable.  Established in March 2016, AmazeTal aims at making the recruitment process a lot more transparent for both employers and job seekers in the Software engineering and Data Science domains. The Mission of AmazeTal is to provide a collaborative marketplace for Software engineers and Data Scientists to find their dream jobs and to provide employers with an easier way to find the best talent in the market without much hassle.


How it all started?

The founder of AmazeTal Muqassirsha Mohammed came up with this fantastic solution after much frustration on noticing the various issues experienced by job seekers during their job hunt. They spent a lot of years to identify different pain points of both employers and job seekers in the data science and technology space. The founders felt that recruiting industry is broken and standard hiring practices based on resumes and cover letters does not satisfy the needs of the employers anymore. Hence, they have developed a powerful platform to fill in the gaps for job seekers and employers, especially in the data science and technology sectors.

How does it work?

As a job seeker, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of time, effort and money anymore on pursuing jobs of your interest. You can just upload your profile for free in the AmazeTal portal which is 100% free to join and companies will reach out to you with suitable opportunities. When you join the top talent pool by registering and uploading your profile in AmazeTal’s SpotLight platform, you will get relevant job opportunities directly from top employers. You can also connect with industry experts and external corporate leaders to get career advice and insights for free. Another exciting benefit offered by AmazeTal to the job seekers is the exclusive hiring bonus they receive when they get hired by any of the top employers registered in their platform.

Also, this platform is a great tool for employers who invest an enormous amount of money in hiring the top talent and later discover that they have hired the wrong person. By registering with AmazeTal as an employer, you can gain access to a huge list of candidate profiles and assessments from industry experts, compare the skill sets of different candidates and if you feel any profile is suitable, invite the candidate directly for interview using this platform. By using AmazeTal’s cutting-edge technology, you can hire the best talent in the industry with reduced costs and less overhead. They also offer certain novel branding techniques for employers to attract the cream of talent.

As per the survey conducted by, there is an average of more than 250 applications for any corporate job opening. It takes a lot of time and effort for hiring managers and recruiters to review the resumes of all applicants and filter out the right candidates. Also, the traditional method of just reviewing the cover letter and resume of a job seeker is not sufficient for filtering the best candidates anymore. Employers need more information about job seekers such as samples of their previous work, social media presence, patents filed, content created like published articles, guest blogs or speeches etc.

Succeed in your Job Search with AmazeTal’s Spotlight Platform

This is the online talent marketplace where you can showcase your profile for free. Through Spotlight, you can showcase your entire portfolio in one place including your technical skill sets, previous work experience, speeches, work samples, links to articles or blog posts, complete work history etc. Top candidates will be vetted and highlighted to the employers.  You can also build a website with your previous work and link it to your Spotlight profile. Also, keep your LinkedIn Profile updated with all relevant information.

Growing Steadily…

With a lot of job seekers and employers registering in AmazeTal, the company is growing steadily and is looking forward to bring a huge revolution in the recruitment industry. They already have tie-ups with top multinational organisations like IBM, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, ancestry, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Teradata, Tanium, Wells Fargo, etc.,


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