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Alphabet Touches $1 Trillion Market Cap – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Alphabet Touches $1 Trillion Market Cap, Becomes Fourth US Firm To Do So

Sundar Pichai
Image Credits: Flickr Matin Guptil

Alphabet, the parent company of Google on Thursday became a trillion-dollar company. Its the fourth US firm to do so. Alphabet joins Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft as the only four trillion-dollar companies in the world and all of them are US-based. Link.



Facebook Puts Ads On WhatsApp On Hold, Why?


Since 2018, there were talks of WhatsApp monetizing its app. However, Facebook the parent firm has put that plan on hold for now. So, why did Facebook decided to not do it? According to reports, WhatsApp is known for its data privacy feature and given the muddy reputation of Facebook, it doesn’t want to tamper with it yet. Link.



Twitch Losing Steam? Is Mixer Proving Its Worth?


Twitch is on a losing steam run after some of its top streamers are switching to other competing platforms. Mixer by Microsoft has been able to poach some of the top Twitch streamers. Despite the loss Twitch still, registered a growth but for how long? Link.



AR Lenses Coming Soon, Will It Transform Our Lives?

Contact lenses
Image Credits: Flickr Raquel Fabregat

Augmented reality lenses will soon take over the world. Forget the bulky glasses, lenses are the way forward. Mojo Vision, a VR contact lens maker has announced that it has made an AR-enabled lense that can function like any VR glasses minus all the fuss. The prototype was shown at CES. Currently, it needs a battery backup but things could soon change. Link.



Apple’s AirPods Are Touching The Sky With Its Sales Figures

Image Credit: Flickr Maurizio Pesce

Apple has sold nearly 60 million AirPods in 2019. With this sales figure, it has conquered the wireless earbuds market. The performance of AirPods sales figures is one of the reasons for a 50% rise in share price in the past six months for Apple. Link.


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