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All New Windows Essential Package For Windows 8

All new Windows essential package for Windows 8 is going to release. This might be an update for the existing Windows essential live apps.

Microsoft is planning to release its new version of Windows Live Essential Pack 2012 for Windows 8 this week. This might be an update for the existing Windows Essential Live apps. As announced earlier, Microsoft has dropped its Live branding this time.

The Essentials Pack 2012 includes Messenger, Mail, SkyDrive and Writer but the most significant changes have been made to the Microsoft Photo gallery and Windows Movie Maker.


Utilizing the hardware accelerated graphics that comes integrated with Windows 8; Microsoft has really improved the performance of the Movie Maker application. The new version of the Movie Maker app also has a very productive and new ‘Video Stabilization’ feature which can be used to correct the wobble in those shaky videos. To make it easy for the users to browse music online and, provided the right to, to include them in their Movie Maker Videos, Microsoft has tied up with famous websites like Free Music Archive, AudioMicro and Vimeo Music Store for music selections. There is also a new waveform visualization integrated with the app which makes it really easy to trim and cut the video selections in order to make it perfectly synchronized with the selected audio track. Among other enhancements are the new text effects and the support for h.264 as an output format by default which have been introduced in the new version of the app.

As far a photo gallery is concerned, many noticeable changes have been made in this app as well. An auto collage feature has been included in the update which allows you to select a set of photos and the app will automatically create a collage from the selected pictures by merging them together. This time Vimeo has been signed as the official publish partner by Microsoft. The users now have the liberty to upload their collections from the Photo Gallery and self-made videos from the Windows Movie Maker with the entire World Wide Web using the video sharing site – Vimeo.


Besides these two apps, the other members of the Windows Essential Package 2012 are more or less the same as before though there might be some not so noticeable changes made to them. The Windows essential Pack 2012 can be easily downloaded through standalone or web installers.

The significant changes made to both the apps clearly signify that Microsoft has been working hard to make Windows 8 and the related products a huge success among the loyal users. It also signals that along with certain fixes and improvements in the performance of the Operating System under the hood, Microsoft has also made an effort to improve the interactivity and creativity offered by this new venture of theirs called Windows 8.

The final user experience can be described only after the all new Windows 8 and the related packages are released for the general masses on October 29 this year. We can just anticipate that it will be a whole new and better experience matching the one we had with Windows 7 or even better.

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