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AI’s Attempt at Creating Inspirational Quotes Goes Horribly Wrong – Top Trending Stories

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AI’s Attempt at Creating Inspirational Quotes Goes Horribly Wrong

AI's hilarious poster
Image Credits: InspiroBot

AI is all the rage these days. From Sophia, the first robot to have a citizenship to self-driving cars soon to go public, we hear all the good news about AI. But somehow the failures are not publicized as much as it should be. But now an attempt by AI, InspiroBot to create inspirational quotes has gone horribly wrong. They are simply the opposite of being inspired. Still, you can use it to have some fun.



Electric Plane With No Moving Parts Makes First Flight: Pollution Free Airlines Possible?

MIT researchers have reported that they have successfully flown an electric plane with no moving parts. The experimental aircraft weighs 2.45 kilograms and was able to fly a distance of 200 meters. The important thing to note is that there are no blades or turbine that propels this plane. It moves with the help of electricity and makes no noise. If the model is able to catch the market at scale, soon we will see planes that hardly make any sound or air pollution.



Facebook Accepts Involvement in George Soros Fiasco

Elliot Schrage at DLD conference
Image Credits: Flickr DLD Conference

Facebook has accepted that they did use a republican-opposition media company to target George Soros and project his company as anti-semitic. Elliot Schrage, the head of communications and policy at Facebook in an internal letter addressed this issue in particular. Sheryl Sandberg also made a statement in the letter saying that it was never the intention to hurt anyone.



Amazon Accepts Customer Data Safety Lapse, But Won’t Give Details

Jeff Besoz
Image Credits: Flickr KPCB

Amazon has accepted that it exposed sensitive customer email addresses but has not provided any details yet. Amazon had sent emails to users on its website warning that due to a technical fault several customers’ email IDs were exposed. The Amazon spokesperson has said that the names and email addresses of several customers have been impacted. So far, Amazon has denied giving any further information.



Google News Might Become History in Europe: Is ‘Link Tax’ Going to Affect You Too?

Google Campus
Image Credits: Google

If the new legislation on copyright comes into effect without modifications then Google might end its news aggregator website altogether in the EU. This is not the first time that Google is doing this. Spain too had back in 2014 brought a law, which required news aggregators to pay tax. After which Google decided to close down its news website in Spain. Google in its response has maintained that it’s not making any direct money from its news aggregation site.



Facebook Ads Glitches At the Most Crucial Time of the Year

Black Friday Poster
Image Credits: Pixabay

Facebook’s Ads system is facing glitches and some major players are under its impact. After the initial reports, the company was able to restore the issue but the for many the system is working slowly. All this is happening just before Black Friday. The time when advertisers make the most sales. Campaigns that are up will run normally but new campaigns will face problems.


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