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Airbnb Forays into Luxury Segment – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Airbnb Forays into Luxury Segment, Starting $1000 for Historical Castles, Private Islands

Image Credits: Airbnb Luxe

Airbnb has started to offer handpicked luxury destinations for its high-end customers. The customers looking for luxury stays can go through over 2000+ handpicked selections of private islands and historical castles. Just that you’ll need to shell out $1000 at the most minimum. Airbnb Luxe will offer bespoke luxury homes that will leave its customers spellbound. The selection process is also rigorous with over 300 criteria for a property to enter this segment. Last year Airbnb clocked a 60% push for its $1000 per night listings. Hence the confidence to offer more in the Luxury segment. Link.



Facebook to Roll Out Political Ad Transparency Tool, Globally

Facebook is set to launch its political ad transparency tool worldwide. It’s an effort by it to make the process of political ad buying free of bias and scandal. The recent scandals have played a major role in this latest release. Still, many are questioning the readiness of this system. It seems it will take some time for the tool to become useful in the eyes of critics. Link.



FedEx to Sue US Department of Commerce

FedEx is going to sue the US Department of Commerce for forcing it to check every package for tech control. The company is arguing that it’s impossible for it to scan every package for compliance. It neither has the tech for it nor the staff. Also, it has said that it’s unethical and not needed, at all. The recent trade war between the United States and China has brought in several new regulations and the US companies are finding it hard to comply with. Link.



Toyota’s Basketball Robot Makes History, Enters Guinness With 2020 Perfect Throws

Image Credits: YouTube Guinness World Records
Do humans stand a chance against the robots? It seems robots are taking over every field of human excellence. A recent example is Toyota’s Basketball robot that has entered the Guinness Book of records with 2020 perfect throws. This specific number was chosen to commemorate the upcoming 2020 Olympics scheduled in Japan. The robot was able to throw impeccably in a continuous series without missing even once!


Hackers Attack Phone Networks Worldwide, Could Have Shut It Down Too!

Image Credits: Unsplash Rafael Leão

According to a cybersecurity firm, the world witnessed a worldwide cyber attack on phone networks that was specifically targeting some sections of people. The attackers base was in China, reportedly. The US-Isreali firm has confirmed that the attackers had penetrated to a level that could have crippled the networks and effectively shut it down too. Luckily, the attackers didn’t do that to us, phew! Link.


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