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AI Has Started to Cheat – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


AI Has Started to Cheat, Is It Fascinating or Terrifying?

Image Credits: Flickr Jes

Research carried out by Stanford and Google for laters map related experiment has revealed that the AI used for this program was able to cheat by hiding data on its own. The AI wasn’t programmed to do so in the first place. With this, the AI has proven that it’s not going to work like the computers wherein it does exactly what it’s told to do. Here the AI totally took controls and hid crucial data from the researchers. Whether or not this latest development should excite you or terrify you depends on how you look at an AI. But it does raise several questions.



China Forces Facial Recognition for Tenants in Public Housing

image Credits: Flickr Fedor Odegov

Chinese authorities have decided to use smart locks that will detect faces of tenants at public housing to ramp up security. The reason behind such a measure is the rising crime at the public housing units. The project will install face-detecting smart locks at 12,000 units and will cover 1,20,000 units by the end of 2019. The tenants who live here are from the poor background and will not be able to fight for a basic right to privacy.



Snapchat Down on New Year’s Eve, Users Affected

Snapchat was down for many users in Europe on the occasion of New Year’s Eve. Several reports point towards the shutdown of Snap Map function on the app. People use this feature to select their most happening destination. After first reports came out, many others have followed.



NASA Spacecraft Creates History, Reaches Asteroid’s Orbit

Image Credits: Flickr Richard__Davis

NASA spacecraft successfully reaches the orbit of an ancient asteroid and sets record. The Osiris-Rex spacecraft entered the orbit of asteroid Bennu, 110 million kilometers from earth’s surface.



No More ‘Apple Tax’ by Netflix, Big Loss for Apple?

Image Credits: Flickr Colossal Media

 Netflix has been trying to find a way out of paying money to Apple for using its iOS app store. According to Sensor Tower, Netflix made $853 million in 2018 from signups on the app store. Apple was to net $263 million out of it. Not anymore, as Netflix has found a way to avoid paying anything to Apple by taking the signup process to its website or other platforms. It’s not the first time that a company is doing this. However, the loss from Netflix is surely going to pinch Apple a lot.


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