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AI Can Accidentally Start A War! – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


AI Can Accidentally Start A War! Warns Ex-Google Engineer

Image Credits: Flickr edward lim

The Google engineer who had quit the tech giant over militarization of drone technology warns of AI’s capability to start a war. Laura Nolan who had quit Google last year in protest of automatic military drones development is asking for a complete ban on automatic drones. According to the engineer, all such weapons must be banned just like chemical weapons. All drones that are in the military must be controlled remotely by a human mind, says the engineer. Nolan is also a member of the ‘Stop Killer Robots’ campaign. She has also met with the UN officials explaining to them the dangers of autonomous military drone technology. Link.



Be Careful Of Your Social Media Activity, If You Want To Immigrate To US

The US passport
Image Credits: Unsplash Jeremy Dorrough

As part of their application process, the immigrants might soon be required to part with their social media accounts to the US authorities. If all goes according to plan, the US officials will scan the social media accounts of prospecting immigrants. The social media account will be traced back up to five years and posts on the timeline will play a decisive role, even if not posted by the user. So far, nine benefits will come under social media profiling. These include citizenship through naturalization, seeking asylum, permanent residence changes through marriage etc. Link.


Central Banks To Question Facebook On Its Cryptocurrency Project

Image Credits: Flickr Libra-cryptocurrency

The Central banks are going to question Facebook on its cryptocurrency project Libra. Because of this project, the banks are concerned that it will destabilize the financial world. The representatives of Libra currency will meet with 26 central bank officials. And this time the scrutiny is expected to be tuff. The Libra spokesperson has welcomed the initiative and applauds such engagements. Link.


Antibiotic Resistance Affecting Innocent Dolphins, Warns Scientists

Image Credits: Flickr topcooldude

Florida Atlantic University has found that the dolphins are facing the same effects of antibiotic resistance just as humans. Over the last 13 years, scientists tracked bottlenose dolphins and found that antibiotic resistance is rampant among wild dolphins also. The initial high risk was noticed back in 2009. Bottlenose dolphins studied in Indian River Lagoon in Florida show an 88-per cent resistance among the tested pathogens. E-Coli has doubled its resistance to antibiotics. Link.



Minecraft Reaches 112 Million Players Per Month

Minecraft reaches 112 million active users
Image Credits: Flickr diana7h7

Microsoft has reported that Minecraft, a game released almost a decade ago has reached 112 million active players across all devices. This is no small feat for a game that is competing against the likes of PUBG and Fortnite. Minecraft has added over 20 million active users in comparison to its October 2018 numbers. According to the game’s spokesperson, the game is evergreen and makes people come back to it. Minecraft is playable across several gaming devices and requires modest systems. This highly increases its reach to its desired audience. Still, the competition is stiff and Microsoft is challenged to keep the game fresh and engaging in the future. Link.


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