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AdMatchup lets you advertise(P2P way) for FREE….Effective ?

Advertisement for free Admatchup. Admatchup lets you advertise for free by letting others advertise on your site.

AdMatchup is an implementation of an interesting  concept….Doing “P2P for advertisements” and making the Ad system FREE to use.

Armin Bahramshahry,the lead developer and founder of this website describes AdMatchup as a method to advertise one’s website for FREE.Users signup and begin advertising for one another,they receive points as they advertise for others and those points are used towards advertisement for their website.

Operating since Oct 1,it has 22+ websites registered on its platform and gearing up for more participation in the time to come.

Few such systems based on FREE advertising through mutual sharing have been there already but didn’t work out well as in such systems,you gain some traffic but loose out your own traction as well.Sometimes,gain-loss equalise(hence null effect) and in some cases,you loose more than you gain(if your own traffic is among the highest of all the sharing parties)

But,in our belief,this concept has great potential but requires a superb execution.So,it will be interesting to see how AdMatchup proves itself in this arena.

As it has just started off,it’s too early to comment on its future but at the moment,it doesn’t look convincing enough and needs to be worked out in a  better way(in terms of design,user experience,more innovative method of ad sharing)…

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