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16 Creative Product Advertisement Examples & Ad Campaigns You Must See

Over the years, companies have been increasingly concerned about their branding and focus on innovative advertising strategies to promote their products and services. There are several kinds of advertisements. Product Advertisement examples include both online or offline advertising that focuses on the specific product manufactured by the company. While some companies focus on their products and highlight their utility, some just promote the brand in totality by composing their own advertisement slogan. 

advertisement examples

The advertisement of a product, service, or company enhances its visibility and increases its customer base. The products in advertisements are presented in a way that they gain maximum mass appeal and increase their sales. 

However, advertisements are not just a tool for companies to increase their sales and profits. Advertisements also ensure greater awareness about a specific brand and its products. Thus, a company also tries to enhance its customer base and increase customer loyalty towards its products through its product advertisement examples. 

The following are some of the most popular brands that have won several hearts for their unique advertisement ideas. Each of the following companies has used specific styles of advertisements to promote their manufactured products. Be it using social media advertisements or running them on television, the following companies have some of the best product advertisement examples for attracting the crowd. 

Best Creative Product Advertisments Examples

We have curated the list of the best examples of creative advertisements that have forced people to gaze at them in awe.

1. BBC Dracula Billboard

BBC Dracula_advertisement examples

BBC attracted millions of people across the United Kingdom through its out-of-the-box advertising strategy for Dracula Billboard. The company set up billboards across the United Kingdom with several steaks hammered on them. The arrangement of the steaks caused the real thrill at night when the shadow of the steaks formed the face of a vampire. While on the one hand, this advertised the show Dracula Billboard, it also implemented an innovative advertising strategy to catch the eyes of the people. 

It is evident how the company did not choose to go for mainstream advertising over social media or Television and came up with such an innovative idea to promote their show across the UK. But what was so different about this? 

Indeed, setting up billboards is nothing great but the arrangement of the steaks and its reflection certainly was. The company did not just aim to attract people traveling along that path but also sought to engrain the picture of their show in their minds. 

2. Always: Like a Girl

Always_advertisement examples

Always stands to be one of the most unique social media product advertisement examples. The company’s tagline #LikeAGirl brought about an uproar on social media as it empowered young women and ensured they felt more confident. The idea behind the advertisement phrase was an idea to accept oneself and not feel inferior. 

The #LikeAGirl catchphrase became viral all over social media, and young girls began to use the phrase more often than ever. It gave girls a lot of encouragement and accept themselves without comparing with boys. The ad made them believe they are equally stronger, quite against the popular belief. 

The product advertisement examples mentioned in this section explains the marketing strategies undertaken by a few world-recognized companies and how it has impacted their target customers. It is evident that all these advertisements focused on creating innovative or eye-catching advertisements to increase their customer base.

3. Debeers: A diamond is forever

De beers_advertisement examples

Debeer is one of the most significant ornament companies that began its popular ad slogan ‘A diamond is forever’. It signified the importance of engagement rings, associating the same with ever-lasting marriages. Debeers brought about a significant change in the industry whereby the sales of diamond rings in general and Debeers rings in particular skyrocketed. 

The company based its advertisement on a simple message of love the importance of marriage. It utilized the romantic notions of people about marriage and presented it in a picture-perfect way through its advertisement slogan. Though Debeers rarely went for elaborate advertisements, all of them were built around this tagline. 

4. Cadbury Silk: ‘Kiss me’ Jingle

Cadbury_advertisement examples

Cadbury has won a million hearts through its innovative way of advertising its products. The company believes in focusing solely on its products and framing advertising strategies accordingly. One of the most popular product advertisement examples of the company is its ‘Kiss me’ Jingle made for promoting Cadbury Silk. The chocolate company had connected the love for chocolates amongst couples and the tradition of gifting chocolates to each other. The advertisement started to air during Valentine’s Day, winning the hearts of most couples.

Additionally, the ad also portrayed the thrill of enjoying a bar of Cadbury Silk and how it translates to love and intimacy amongst couples. The name Cadbury Silk was also symbolic of the rich taste of love and smoothness in relationships. The advertisement was aimed at heightening the intimacy between couples and spreading love on the occasion of Valentine’s Day through its advertisements. 

5. Dove: Healthy skin over beautiful skin

 Dove_advertisement examples

Dove is popular for being one of the first beauty brands to challenge the normative beauty standards of women. It also encourages them to move towards choosing products for healthy skin over beautiful skin. The product capitalizes on the emotions of its customers and frames its product campaigns accordingly. Dove advertises its products by showing how it encourages women to accept their true beauty and be confident about the same. The company also has a reputation for the powerful advertisement message that it spreads through the marketing of its products. 

Dove advertisements are also popular for their highly empowering content. It deconstructs the notion of beauty and engages women from different age groups as a part of their advertisements. The company also ensures that original feedback of the users is present in its advertisements. For instance, one of the company’s advertisements aired on Television included the reviews of housewives who used dove. 

While on the one hand, this considerably empowered women who stayed at home, it also encouraged them to buy the products as they received the most honest reviews from the customers. This was indeed one of the most innovative product advertisement examples coming out of Dove. 

6. Nike: Just do it

Nike_advertisment examples

The slogan of the brand, Nike has a huge influence upon the mass. The slogan “just do it” was created by Wieden Kennedy, an independent marketing agency for Nike’shuge television advertisement. This advertisement includes women athletes who took part in several sports events like running, playing basketball, cross-training, and walking. 

Dan Wieden, the founder of the marketing agency, said, “Each spot was developed by a different creative team and was markedly different from the other”. This advertisement had an inspiring effect on the masses. The response of the audience was remarkable. Wieden says, “the general public surprised us all.”

The slogan got widespread in the field of athletics and this tagline gradually started appearing in t-shirt prints, fridge magnets, sippers, etc. Nike then starts using this tagline in the advertisement where women portrayed empowerment by participating in sports. 

This event was followed by another advertisement that was released in 1995 where women were claiming their rights to take part in sports. The portrayal of women taking part in sports struck the mass psyche, which made them think about the conventional domestication of women. Women who released their imposed limitations started supporting this advertisement campaign. This resulted in people buying products produced by this company. Again, the tagline “just do it” also acted as an inspiration for the youth. With the message ‘to move on in life without giving a second thought’. 

Nike’s advertising slogan ‘Just Do It’ became so common and famous that it was often used by the youths as a popular catchphrase to motivate each other. The tagline instills a sense of self-confidence amongst individuals. Thus, it is evident that this advertisement expanded the company’s target customer base and gained huge popularity through its tagline.

7. Loreal: Because we’re worth it

Loreal_advertisement examples

L’oreal Paris declared its 50th anniversary on the occasion of International women’s day. The tagline that this company has been using is “Because we’re worth it.” The company said, “The brand has been relentless in its dedication to breaking down barriers. From pioneering science and innovations that empower women through beauty, to its diverse family of global spokespeople, L’oreal Paris continues to challenge stereotypes. Giving women the confidence and power to take the place they deserve in the society.”

The brand got its popularity because of its famous tagline that portrays the empowerment of women. This line validates the worth of self in women who are shamed years after years for something or nothing. The idea of shaming women of their flaws got negativism by this line. This deserving validation for women had a massive impact on the masses. 

This led the mass in buying different products produced by the company. The second survey that was conducted in partnership with Ipsos revealed how one among the three people being sexually harassed, gets the strength of survival through this tagline. 

This company has also taken the initiative to counter any street harassment faced by women who happen to be very public. Thus, providing a safe space for women and encouraging them to fight all odds in order to survive in a male dominant society. These initiatives have very well influenced the masses of Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, France, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, the United Kingdom, and many other countries.

8. Apple: Think different

Apple_advertisement examples

The tagline of the advertisement of the brand, “think different” got its spotlight after Steve Jobs’ sudden death. This slogan has received a positive response from IBM. Apple launched its products with this tagline. Be it television advertisement, print advertisement, or other television promos. This slogan received a huge positive response from the mass. 

For this tagline, the company won many reputed awards such as the 1998 Emmy Awards for making the best commercial advertisement. They won Grand Effie Award in 2000 too, for spreading a remarkable advertisement campaign. Such was the success in producing an advertisement like that—people were seeing it as a powerhouse of marketing.

This campaign was successful in evoking the emotion of the mass. This advertisement influenced the viewers as they watched the revolutionaries. The advertising campaign seemed very appealing to the common sense of mass, which urges us to think in different ways. 

The masses started to try to think differently. This appeal obviously resulted in them buying products from this company. Gradually the company began to become popular in countries like America, France, Canada, Australia, India, and many other countries that can afford apple. The campaign utilized the reasoning appeal that was successfully able to evoke the thinking ability of the mass. Posters, billboards, and magazines were full of advertisements of Apple that would contain the slogan, “think different”. 

The repetitive assertion upon the masses through innumerable promotions made them get influenced in a positive way to think differently and thus, buy from the company.

9. M&Ms: Melts in your mouth

M&M_advertisement examples

M&Ms are button-shaped chocolate that comes out in different colors, the name of the company being printed on the chocolates. There are several taglines by M&Ms influencing the masses to try the taste of it. The slogan that became famous among the mass of America is “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand”. This slogan makes it the most likable one among the masses. This is one of the strategies of the brand where it has created a sweet that does not melt easily because of the shell that binds the chocolate present inside. Researchers say that it has become a part of the lifestyle about which people keep talking.

The product has been mainly produced to target the children though it has gained success among the youth through its creative taglines and, of course, through the advertisement campaign. After World War II, there has been a shift among the candy eaters where, apart from the children, the men and women also started to get access to candies. 

Thus the company was successful in enquiring about the support of both children and their parents. The company plays a huge role in influencing the American culture for the past eighty years. The colors also provide fun to the consumers and influence them more to buy the candies. The company also received awards for producing a television commercial. This again helped the company to reach out to the consumers. However, the tagline of this company appears to play a major role in influencing mass psychology.

Simple Yet Clever Examples of Advertisement Campaigns

Here are some examples of simplicity at its best.

1. KFC

KFC_advertisement example

The slogan for KFC is finger-lickin’ good. The company targets the visual sensory parts of the body. The advertisement and the hoardings of the company mainly focus on showing off their food products in a grand manner. The salivary glands are given a tickle while preparing such a hoarding. Predominantly they poetry their recipes to be a punch of secret spices.

They play on the element of surprise as well. Next, the main color code in the whole ambiance of KFC is red. Red is a vibrant color that catches the attention of people faster than any color. They design their advertisements and hoardings in such a manner that the color code catches the eyes faster and has a lasting effect.

The company also plays on the image which is popularly seen to be about the food products. They present food products in such a manner that portrays them to be something that is highly desirable. That makes people want to try KFC more often and leads to increasing the sales of the company.

KFC advertisements solely depend on focusing on their food product. Be it a chicken bucket or a burger, the advertisements portray an enlarged image of the product, making it look more desirable. Such a projection perfectly fits with the tagline of the company where seeing the food item indeed makes you believe it’s Finger-lickin’ good. 

2. McCain

McCain_advertisement examples

This company dealing with mainly frozen food advertises itself to help attract the wholesalers and buyers. The company runs on the tagline of preparing food in a jiffy. 

It focuses on tapping the market that likes its food cooked in a jiffy. The advertisements provide the message that how food can be prepared in a jiffy. Advertisements allow people to be aware of the new frozen products.

The logo of the company signifies the drastic change of the logo of the company along with the change in its branding. McCain provides a homely vibe in the advertisement that makes the company find a place in almost everybody’s budget.

It is evident that the company does not have elaborate advertisements. Rather, it solely depends on spreading a simple message to its target customers regarding the ease of cooking food through McCain. 

3. Vero Moda

Vero moda_advertisement examples

The Usp of Vero Moda is a blend of style along with comfort. Vera Moda, one of the best-selling retail stores in Europe has been able to establish itself across the globe. Advertisements of Vera Moda may not be that striking or setting it apart from other brands. 

Yet the brand tries to uphold its subtle feminine character that has been its primary characteristic from the very beginning. The company’s advertisements are based on subtlety and elegance. It pairs these two adjectives to develop some of the most beautiful advertisements and attracts a significant number of customers. 

Advertisements of Vera Moda have been able to reach new heights due to the birth of its social media handle. The social media handle has been able to well present the brand in a magnificent manner. Everyday feed along blending it with advertisements their new launches have helped them to boost their sales to a significant amount.

4. Nivea


The tagline “it starts with you”. The company empowers the virtue of self-love and self-power and manufactures a range of beauty products that helps people to feel good about themselves.  The advertisements of Nivea all around the world provide a feel-good vibe about oneself and ensure that people can relate to that.

The launching of the Nivea men’s range provides a range of products exclusively for men, thus promoting the idea that even men can be aware of their bodies and feel good about them. The Nivea brand takes its tagline seriously and ensures that all the advertisements abide by the tagline.

The tagline of Nivea aims at increasing self-confidence and prioritizing oneself. Thus, prioritizing always begins with the body, and Nivea advertises its products through this. It also undoes the inherent gender binary in the construction of normative beauty by including skincare and cosmetic products for men too.

5. Philip Morris International 

Mild as may

Being a holding company, and being the company that has launched products like Marlboro, the tagline is what would catch the attention of the people the most in this case. The company has been the mother company for many cigarette brands starting from Virginia Slims to Raffles. Folks consider these to be the elite cigarettes and for each of them, there is a separate tagline.

For example, Marlboro is “Mild as a May”. The taglines are usually simple. The sole goal of the company is to deliver products that cause minimum damage to people. The company majorly deals on goodwill and they advertise their products in an elite manner that also creates a similar image in the mind of people consuming it. 

The company also started to revolutionize the tobacco industry even after the growing awareness about the harmful impacts of tobacco through its innovative advertisements. It made most of the concept of masculinity to gain popular support from its customers who were enticed to try out its products through its advertising strategies. 

The product advertisement examples used by Philip Morris are indeed credible because contrary to most items, the company manufactured a highly controversial item- cigarettes. In spite of that, the company never failed to stay out of public attention through its superior advertisement mechanisms. 

6. Budweiser: Whassup


One of the earliest commercials promoting beer has been that of Budweiser that popularised the tagline “What’s up”. It was mainly done in order to uplift pop culture. At that time it was considered to be annoying yet the company revived the same commercial in 2020 as a part of the Covid relief measures. The advertisement yet annoying holds a lot of nostalgia, yet has attracted a large number of consumers. The revival of old advertisements has helped the company to enhance its customer base.

The product advertisement examples mentioned in this section reveal how companies have started adopting a new method of marketing their products that include sending across a simple message. This message generally complies with the company’s mission and throws sufficient light on its products. 

7. Lay’s


Being one of the most popular chips companies globally, Lay’s has set an innovative advertising example for the world. The company has implemented different advertisements for each of its products. Lay’s also associated a local touch in its advertisements based on the flavors to gather considerable mass appeal. 

The company’s advertisements also keep in mind the demographic tastes and preferences of its target customers. For instance, the company focuses on the indigenous flavors of each region while running its advertisements. This attracts significant people towards its products and enhances the popularity of the brand. 

Lay’s is also popular for implementing celebrity marketing strategies for promoting its products. Some of their advertisement examples include the ones that involve the most loved and popular celebrities from Bollywood in India to showcase their love for a product. The company could attract the fan base of these celebrities and thereby expand its customer base through its new and innovative ways of marketing. 


It is evident that ad campaigns play a key role in promoting the products and services of a company and fetches a greater customer base. Over the years, different companies have implemented several advertising strategies and the best advertisement examples are given above. These advertisement examples show a different and innovative marketing strategy undertaken by each company and their thought process behind it. The examples also show how the companies frame their advertisements based on their target customers. 

One thing is for sure, all these companies seek to catch the customers’ eye through creating innovative and out-of-the-box content. Gone are the days when companies used to promote their products and services directly without providing any content to them. In today’s world, it is all about how one advertises their products and services in the competitive market. 

The product advertisement examples also prove that the audience or the target customers require engaging content to attract them towards the products or the company, and this aspect of customer behavior makes considerable sense. In a competitive market where most companies sell similar or slightly differentiated products at the same price, it is all about how the products are portrayed and how they attract the customers’ attention. 

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