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Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 8

Every coin has 2 faces so Windows 8 has. Windows 8 has many advantages and disadvantages. So learn here advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8.

Like with any product there are many advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8. Depending on your expectations Windows 8 might seem like an answer to all the prayers or the complete opposite. But, obviously it is not completely good or completely bad. So, here are the advantages of Windows 8 first.

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  • The first thing that strikes you about Windows 8, even before you have actually used the product is its pricing. Compared to earlier versions this version will cost you much less.
  • Once you have bought or upgraded to it you will find that your computer boots up faster than before. This is because of resources being allocated to applications and systems in a more efficient manner.
  • Next thing you notice is the interface – it is quite different from what you are used to. From the time of Windows 95 right up to Windows 7 the user interface looked pretty same but Windows 8 has changed all that. The interface is really modern. Instead of a start button you get a start menu. Due to this you can be using Windows 8 anywhere – laptop, tablet or a phone and you will not find it difficult to tablet.
  • The security features are a marked improvement over previous versions. So, you have two pin authentications and also the possibility of having a picture has a password. Then there is the Windows defender and smart screen filter because of which a third party anti-virus is not needed.
  • One of the best features is the Windows app store. The app store allows you to download games, music etc. It is designed so that you can use a mouse or touch to make use of it.
  • Another feature is the to Go feature. If you cannot bear to have a different kind of setting on another PC then you can just copy your settings – interface and all to a USB, and transfer it to the PC you are using and you will be back in familiar territory. The live syncing feature also offers similar advantage. You can login to any computer that has Windows 8 with a live id and you will get your settings.


  • The modern interface of Windows 8 looks pretty but it takes some time to get used to this interface. Moreover the absence of a start button really rankles. Also switching between the two interfaces – metro and aero becomes tedious after some time.
  • The tiles interface looks nice when you have only limited apps. As you start adding more and more apps, the interface starts looking like a jumbled puzzle.
  • Sometimes you have to keep rebooting before it works.
  • You can run programs written for earlier version of Windows but here is the catch – only on PCs and laptops. You cannot run them on tablets or phones.
  • Initially searching for something is very difficult because there is no search button. You can keep looking for it but you won’t find it. Of course, once you figured it out it becomes a lot easier but till you figure it out it is really frustrating.

So, these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8.

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