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“Addoursearch” Review

Addoursearch is a web app that lets your web site or blog’s visitors searadd1.jpgch your site directly from their browser’s built-in search feature

Addoursearch is a web app that lets your web site or blog’s visitors searadd1.jpgch your site directly from their browser’s built-in search feature. Addoursearch.com is a free service and requires no registration to participate.

The good part is a hassle-free procedure to get this widget.Users simply complete a online form with their site information and are then presented with a small snippet of code. When this code snippet is installed in a web page, it generates a small image or “badge” similar to popular bookmark and RSS buttons commonly found on web sites and blogsadd2.jpg.

Addoursearch is Web’s first browser search plugin service.It opened its services on June 5th,2008,and within two months(little more than this) of its launch,it has already got a million badges out of its factory.

According to Troy Peterson,the founder/developer of his Duluth based startup,”the widget is easy to install by any visitor to your site/blog and hence serves your site with an easy way to get searched by your visitor

The area where Addoursearch will find it tough to survive is finding the “right” audience for such a widget.It requires big content inventory by any website/blog to get to the level where it will be frequently used by any user through browser searchbar,to get the website searched by the user frequently.


The most suitable candidates for such a widget will be the ones who have a huge inventory(such as a directory,niche search engines such as crunchbase,blogs.com),which is not the case with every other blog/site.

Hence,the “effective” customers of this widget will be less in number.Also,effective monetization of its services will also be a challenge for the founder.



  1. Troy Peterson

    September 4, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    Thanks for the review!
    These are definately some good points here and ones we’re working on as well.

    In addition, I’d also like to mention one part of the site ommitted from the review. We have a running blog of alternative search engines, tools, and sites you can add to your browser’s search field at:


    Thanks again!

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