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Adding a Bluetooth Headset in Windows 8

Adding a Bluetooth headset in Windows 8 is not much a tough task. This article can help you in adding a Bluetooth headset to your Windows 8.

With the advent of Bluetooth v4.0, it has become even more imperative to be able to connect your Bluetooth gadgets into one seamless platform, allowing fast data transfer between gadgets, and to keep important information like messages and contacts. Bluetooth v4.0 also has specialized modes of data transfer, switching between high transfer rates and high power saving, when required.

Also, with the introduction of Windows 8, the PC has become even more powerful, allowing complete seamless connectivity of multiple gadgets over multiple protocols. One of these protocols which are majorly used is Bluetooth. Although Bluetooth is widely used for transferring information between the handheld electronic gadgets. Since Windows 8 has many parts of it that are completely new to the average user, we guide you towards successfully adding your Bluetooth headset to your Windows 8 PC.

  1. Bluetooth on device activated: This is very important and the first step. Make sure that the Bluetooth on your headset is turned on or enabled.

  2. Move the cursor to the lower or upper right corner of the screen to activate the Charms bar. Go to Settings, and then to Change PC Settings.

  3. Go to Devices, and select Add a Device. This starts the computer’s search for Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth devices, in this case, your headset, will appear on the list after a small amount of time. In the case that it doesn’t, go back to step 1 and see whether the Bluetooth of your headset is still on. Many devices switch off their Bluetooth after 30 seconds to a minute to conserve power.

  4. If you’re asked to accept a particular passcode, accept it, and your headset will be paired to your laptop or desktop.

Adding a Bluetooth Headset in Windows 8

Windows 8 will automatically recognize your device as a sound output device, and will direct all audio to it when it is actively connected to the Bluetooth headset. This is a very useful feature since it doesn’t need you to route your audio through the headset every time you connect it.

The method mentioned above takes only a few minutes to execute and is a very reliable method to follow if you’re trying to pair your Bluetooth headset to your Windows 8 PC.

In case you are unable to connect your Bluetooth device, try to make sure that both devices are compatible, as some Bluetooth headsets are incompatible with either Windows 8 or with Bluetooth v4.0. Also, desktops may not have a Bluetooth transmitter in which case it isn’t possible to connect a headset to your desktop unless you get an external or a PCI Bluetooth transmitter.

Bluetooth headsets are commonly used with laptops by people who travel a lot and who like to stay away from the trouble of wires, allowing them to stay connected without the need to rely on wired headsets which are a trouble to maintain on the go. Instead, Bluetooth headsets offer an economical, convenient method to listen to music, lectures, and even conferences on the go.

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