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Install KeyLogger Remotely On a Computer

Key Logger can be a nice option for spying on someone. Find out how to install keylogger remotely on a computer.

If you are on the verge of spying on somebody or looking for a full proof way to track his or her movements. Then, without any confusion you should try one of the most popular rubrics, The Key logger. Remote key loggers are quite easy to install and one doesn’t need to learn rocket science to deal with it. You can really do without a bunch of port configuration information and exceptions lists et-al. However, should you be tracking Trojan concepts of port forwarding and IP addresses are a must.

Basic requirements for getting the Key logger working remotely are as mentioned below-

  • You will have to download the key logger named as Ardamax from their site. Once you have downloaded the software, you will have to create an FTP enabled account which could be availed free of cost from a website,
  • Further for getting information of the remote client, you will have to download and execute an application named crypter. This software temporarily disables the antivirus shield protecting the remote computer. Download crypter from the manufacturer’s website or other reliable online source.

How to Activate Key Logger Remotely

After taking care of these dependencies, you need to perform the below mentioned tasks for configuring the Key logger and that way you can hack the remote computer.

  • First, you will have to execute the setup of the Ardamax tool of the key logger on your computer device after license key activation. Followed by a registration process. For registering into it you will have to go to the task panel of the desktop. Right button click on the icon of the Ardamax and select the registration key option from the drop down. After doing so, enter the appropriate registration name and the authenticated serial number from the target folder where the software has been installed already.
  • Once you reach over there, click on the option of Remote installation from the download menu. On clicking the install option, you will reach “appearance”- with two options of the drop down list. One is “Installation folder on the target computer”-where you ought to select “windows system folder “. And in the second one which is “Additional components”- mention the “log Viewer”. Proceed with the “next” option.
  • When the above action is completed, another window will trigger with the options of invisibility. All the options appearing in this window should be checked. After completing it click on the next option again.
  • This will take you to another window with only two options. On this Window only the enable button will be highlighted. You will have to select the enable option followed by clicking next.
  • Further next you will be taken to the Control tab in the check box of the “send logs every”, here you will have to click and next to it mentions the time interval as 5 minutes. And choose FTP mode as the type of delivery.
  • Over there you will have to add the details of the FTP which you have already created. Once done, click on the next option. It will take you to the window of Destination. This is where you have to punch in the appropriate keylogger path.
  • Cross check, if you have executed all the above mentioned steps carefully. Next up, you will have to find the file of the Key logger via anti-virus. You will have to run the crypter software on your computer and select the file 1 as the server and the next file as the application with PDF extension. On completion click on the crypt file.
  • Soon you would be receiving a file which would be undetectable through the antivirus as well. You need to deliver this file silently to the client which you need to access. On clicking the very file at the client end you will have complete access over the client.
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