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Acer Against Microsoft’s Surface

Acer against Microsofts Surface tab. Acer says if Microsoft is going for the hardware ventures, Acer has to reconsider whether they should rely on it.

Acer is allegedly ready to part ways with Microsoft in case Microsoft launches its Surface tab. Acer may abandon the Windows hardware if the Microsoft Surface tab is launched says President of personal computer global operations for Acer. But it is still difficult, at this point, to comment whether it is a petty threat or bitter truth.

Acer made a comment to The Financial Times, for which correspondent Campbell Kan reported that Acer says if Microsoft is going for the hardware ventures, Acer has to reconsider, whether they (Acer) should still rely on it (Microsoft) or should it try to find other alternatives.

Acer CEO also told Kan that it had earlier advised Microsoft to ponder over the thought of launching the Surface tab. He said that it will increase the competition on the ecosystem and may cause a negative impact on the other partners and brands which have collaborated with Microsoft. He also zinged that Microsoft has poor designs by saying that it (Microsoft) should not venture into something it is not good at and should think twice before taking any step further.

When the Surface was revealed, Analysts also commented and warned that with this launch, Microsoft has made it even harder for other ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) to compete in the tablet sphere, except from Apple which may not be affected at all.

Microsoft itself admitted that the Surface devices may compete with the devices manufactured by their own OEM partners and this may make it difficult for them to keep their commitment for the platform.

Though Acer seems quite serious on the announcement but it has nowhere else to go except Microsoft. The only option left is the android platform where also it has to face Google which relies on Asus to manufacture devices under Google’s brand name.

Microsoft also clarified that many of their partners tried their hands in the Android sphere, but had to taste failure. Microsoft definitely knows that their OEM partners need them badly in order to succeed in the niche world.  It also added that it wanted to have the best hardware to showcase the Windows 8 which was not available in the market yet. So it had to do something which it did in the form of Surface Tablet which is definitely unbeatable in terms of looks and built.

Acer CEO, Wang, though hesitantly but admitted earlier that they were manufacturing and selling some low quality hardware which he says was a mistake. He also said that they will stop pursuing markets with cheap and unprofitable goods. He said that the ultra-books will be the growth factor for them as far as the present and future market trends are concerned but this strategy of theirs seems to be failing with markets flooded with all kinds of ultra-books lately.

So although Acer can say all they want to Microsoft but there is not even a slight chance that Microsoft will shatter the Surface project. And apparently deep within Acer also understands that it has none else to rely on except Microsoft.

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