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A Youtuber Trespasses Space X’s Starship Facilities – Top Trending News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology.,,Check it out   


A Youtuber Trespasses Space X’s  Starship Facilities

In a surprising development, a not-so-famous Youtuber managed to get a trespass into Space X’s Starship facilities last month. This Youtuber, who is known by his profile name ‘Caser,’ had posted the video  on his Youtube channel Loco. This video, which has now been deleted, showed Caser moving through Starship facilities with comfortable ease. As the video began to gain traction, many people began to raise questions about laxed security around SpaceX facilities. However, the media and social media seems to have lost considerable interest in the matter as the video has been already deleted and Caser also offering his apology.


Facebook and Instagram had a brief Outage

Facebook and Instagram experienced a brief outage on Thursday afternoon. This outage started approximately at around 5:30 PM ET time, with scores of users taking to DownDetector to report outage.  This is a second time that Facebook has reported a outage in less than a month. Last, month the social media giant experienced a brief outage on March 19th.


Facebook ran ads on fake Clubhouse apps implanted with Malware

According to TechCrunch, Cybercriminals recently have been posting ads on Facebook on fake Clubhouse apps implanted with malware. This malicious ads have been especially targeted at PC users. TechCrunch claimed that clicking on the ad opened a website that included a download link to the malicious. Clicking on the download link opened the malicious app that tries to communicate with a command and control server. As per the report. Most of these harmful ads have been taken down from the Facebook platform.


India now has bountiful of unicorns, ShareChat and Gupshup are now the latest entrant in India’s coveted club

It is raining unicorn in India as the country’s burgeoning startup industry witnessed 5-6 startups earning a unicorn tag during  last one week. Out of them, two startups hit the one billions dollar valuation on the very same day, i.e. Thursday (Yesterday). These startups were short video platform ShareChat and instant messaging platform Gupshup, both who raised massive funding round barely 24 hours ago. VC giant Tiger Global led the round in both these startups.


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