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5 movies Every Entrepreneur MUST Watch


There are movies that make you cry. And then there are movies that bring up a smile. Movies that take you on a flight of emotions. And movies that inspire your life. Movies have the ability to shape your dreams. Most of all, they teach you invaluable lessons. Moreover, they are indispensable, forming a large part of our lives.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur. Or if you are on a path to become one. The big question is which are the top 5 movies that you should watch? So here is our list of top five movies that every entrepreneur needs to watch.

#5 Glengarry Glen Ross

A well-told story with a dynamic cast. This movie is a gem to watch and cherish. Entrepreneurs take note. The movie has an Intelligent screenplay. Great acting. Moreover, it tells the story of struggling sales persons. However, the movie is much more than that. It captivates the audience and inspires a dreamer. A hardcore business movie. It is a must for any entrepreneur. Watch it and learn four rules for a successful close on your next sales pitch. The movie has many takeaways. The role of A.I.D.A (Attention, Interest, Decision, and Action) for success and to know all that it takes to make it big in a profession.

#4 Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans isn’t particularly a business movie. However, it scores big when dealing with team play. The movie also touches on the aspects of diversity and how each person brings in his own talents to contribute to the goals to achieve. With a star studded cast, the movie is a treat for any individual. Moreover, the movie is based on a true story. It’s a tribute to those who believe “it ain’t over until it’s over”.

#3 Citizen Kane

100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes! This 1941 cult classic will steer you away into an oasis of thrilling acts and witty dialogues. The movie surrounds the story of the protagonist from his early days till his death. A truly remarkable movie. It embarks upon the struggle and success of a news paper tycoon. The protagonist is an astute gentleman who knows how to get things done his own way. Making the right decisions at the right moment. This movie is a delight to watch even though it was produced more than half a century ago.

#2 Pirates of Silicon Valley

This is movie depicts the early days of Apple and Microsoft. From the days of their dorm rooms and starting out in a diddly backyard. And then ending as one of the top five tech giants of the 21st century. This movie is a keeper. The roles played by both the actors who played Steve Jobs and Bill Gates is breath taking. You cannot miss it! The story line is simple with some intense twists and anger. But then again it is a reality when you are struggling to survive in the world’s technology mecca – the Silicon Valley.

#1 The Shawshank Redemption

If one has to mention one great movie to ever to watch, then The Shawshank Redemption easily sits on that spot. A movie with a plot to kill for! This is easily the number one inspirational movie ever to hit theatres. The movie is a story about a banker who is wrongfully convicted of a crime he never committed. Ends up in jail for a long-long time. The movie is not a business movie. However, it encapsulates every human emotion and conflict. A beautiful master piece based on Stefen King novel. It is a journey of hope and friendship. A never to give up attitude. This movie tells the story of how true success looks like. We’d suggest that you got to have it with you whenever you feel down.

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