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5 Major Advantages of Press Release Distribution

In this post we will tell you 5 major advantages of press release distribution. Check here:

Press releases are often overlooked as a means of helping businesses to gain awareness. Many believe that people simply no longer pay attention to press releases and this belief could not be more wrong.

The traditional press release is still alive and well and there are also online alternatives that could help your business to see even more attention.

Here are 5 major benefits of press releases and why you should consider them for promoting your business:

1. Press releases are fairly inexpensive, particularly considering the impact that they can make. Many companies have someone onboard to write their press releases for them so they can save money on the actual writing. Even if you have to pay to have the release written it still provides an effective means of getting your company in the spotlight.

2. They can help to establish you as an expert in your industry. When you are considered an expert in your field, people will begin to trust you and look to you for advice and information. Your customers will trust you more because they will know that you have experience in your industry.

3. They help you to be seen. Press releases are one of the fastest and easiest ways to draw attention to your company. If you own a small business, attention is critical. If you distribute a press release telling the public about your company, about specials that you have going on or any other newsworthy tidbit of information, you will get the attention of potential customers.

4. Speaking of customers, studies have shown that nearly 100 million people read the news online every day. If you are planning to distribute your press release online, you can count on a major fraction of these people seeing your company name. This makes it very important that you keep your customer base in mind when you write the press release. Be sure that you are giving them something newsworthy that they will want to read. Press releases are not meant to be merely advertisements. Be sure that your press releases are related to your business but that they offer something important to your customers as well.

5. Think about how many people reading press releases may be investors. This gives you an excellent opportunity to prepare for expanding your business in the future. If you can get the attention of a potential investor, you can really take your business to the next level.

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