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400+ M Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Exposed – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


400+ M Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Exposed, Is Yours Safe?


Facebook is facing yet another major breach of security on its platform. This time a security researcher has informed TechCrunch that Facebook has stored over 419 million users’ phone numbers without password protection. So anyone that has access to the server can see all these phone numbers. Some of the data also contains details such as gender, names, and even locations. Out of all the data available on the server, 133 million is from the US, 18 million belongs to the UK, and 50 million users’ records are from Vietnam. With access to this record, anyone can change your password. TechCrunch was able to verify the data with actual Facebook users. A spokesperson from Facebook has revealed that an investigation is underway and the records are just duplicates. Hope that you don’t have your info up there. Link.



‘Fibre-Like’ Internet In Arctic By 2020, Claims OneWeb

Image Credit: Flickr Pierre♪ à ♪Vancouver

OneWeb, the internet-from-space provider has claimed that it will start to provide ‘fibre-like’ internet in the Arctic by 2020. Currently, internet access is erratic in the region. The company is planning to launch up to 650 satellites that will provide global coverage. Link.



Kids Privacy Violation Costs Google And Facebook $170 M


YouTube and Google will cough up $170 million to settle kids privacy case with the US Federal Trae Commission. The allegations claim that both these tech giants collected personal information of children illegally. Link.



FBI Meets Tech Giants Before 2020 US Elections

FBI protesters
Image Credit: Flickr Mayastar

The US tech companies such as Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and Google have met with the US intelligence for discussing security before the 2020 elections. A Twitter spokesperson has said that it’s a joint effort to make the election process free of any security issues. Link.



Galaxy Fold Buyers To Receive Premier Service

Image Credits: Samsung Galaxy website

Samsung is willing to provide 24/7 phone support service to its foldable phone buyers. The company is going to launch its flagship foldable phone in South Korea by 6th September. And slowly will launch it in other parts of the world. Link.


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